Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Flea Market Fancies

Ahhh . . . hockey season . . . ahem, just kidding. ;) Ahhhh . . . flea market season. The crisp air, the crisp dollars in your pocket . . . bliss.

Not only have I been able to hit some out of the way thrifts lately but I also took a trip to the Elephants Trunk Flea Market in Connecticut and the many antique shops in Cold Spring, New York. I must say, I lucked into some treasures.

The Connecticut Flea Market is a wonderful place. There are all sorts of goods to be found and for the most part, the prices are right! They even had entertainment. :)

These guys were great! What were they selling? Why music lessons of course. :)

My parents came for a long weekend visit. We took a day trip to Cold Spring, New York. It's a sweet little town on the Hudson River right near West Point. They have loads of antique and speciality shops and fun places to eat. Not to mention a killer view of the river.

So what did I bring home from my weekend shopping adventures?

Yards of luscious trims both for myself and The Shop.

Rolls of gorgeous vintage seam binding. {giggle} I love it. It's a bit musty but once I "get the stink out" I'll be listing some in the shop. Some will be mine, of course. Seam binding makes lovely ribbon for wrapping packages.

A few new vintage enamel flower pins for my collection including this blue one which may be my absolute favorite.

A sweet pair of cameo clip on earrings (to be repurposed obviously) and a pink linen doggy hankie that I just adore though it's intended to be gifted.

This incredibly unique silk pin cushion. See all the black and white beads? Those are pins. As are the silver head pins that outline the flowers. Much to cute to remove them, don't you think?

And my favorite find, a chippy pink rhinestone clothes brush. Seriously cute, no? And the blue quilted dresser box it's sitting on was a flea find as well. I also picked up a dark red quilted hosiery dresser box, too.

Some finds! I got lucky to say the least. Not shown are two framed pictures, including one of a photo of a collie that looks just like mine, several aprons destined for the shop and a few vintage Christmas items also for resale.

Whew! Now to get to work on listing some things. I just don't feel like it today. But soon, I promise. And I'll be listing at recession style prices, don't you worry. :) But tonight I will relax and watch the Rangers game. After all, it IS hockey season. ;)

hearts ~ Rebecca


Anonymous said...

You lucky ducky.. our flea markets aren't worth the drive or the walk about. When and if they do have something nice they are way too expensive.
I love the pins in the pillow, leave them in it... so cute!!

Anonymous said...

What lovely finds! It's like a mini treasure find :)

Sarah and Jack said...

When Jack and I are bored we make "pictures" like that in my big pin cushion. Quite fun actually...

Katherine said...

Wow! You came home with some great finds, Rebecca. Love that silk pincushion. Seeing your post has me all itching to get out and do some thrifting! Oh, the thrill of the hunt.
Thanks for sharing your latest treasures.

Michele said...

Hi Rebecca ~ you're so lucky...our flea markets suck here in Wisconsin. I haven't been to one since summer...and I'm having withdrawals!

Love the chippy clothes brush!


Diane said...

Hockey RULES!!

Excellent clothing brush find. Really unique and lovely.

But, OH MY, I just LOVE that dog hankie. Great pix all around.

P.S. I'm having a fall swap. Fall/tea: $10 or less, at least 3 items, thrifted is great, handmade goodies are great.

Queenly Things said...

You have me chomping at the bit to see which of those goodies are going up in the shop. I have what I want all picked out. Good job!!!

Karen said...

What a find! That pink brush is really cool! Karen

Jean Martha said...

I am having flea market withdrawal. I love the Elephant and Stormville. I'm trying to make it through the winter on Salvation Army but it's so expensive...sigh...

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