Monday, September 22, 2008


Well I've been making toys again. I can't explain the draw! I just love it. :) The whimsy of them . . . the bright colors . . . everything. I only wish I had more people to gift toys to at the holidays. Soon I'll need to turn my attentions to scarves, bags and other practical holiday gifts. I do believe mittens are on the list this year, too.

Anyway, remember my swap with Emily? Visit her blog here to see what I sent her. :) One thing I made for her was a Wee Goodness Gal that I named Willow:

Willow is my own pattern though I did tons of online research before getting started. That is the beauty of blogs, so much inspiration! All the fabric in her clothing (and legs) is thrifted cotton and the material for her body is from the remnant bin at Joann's. I made up her little jumper as I went along and I like it but the pattern needs work.

Her hair is purple Lily cotton. I made it using the "pin head" method like I did on Charlotte Ann. Only this time I gave her braided buns. Her face is simple and sweet. Did I mention she is only about 10 inches tall? I'd like to make some for the shop, I think they would make great friends for girls of all ages, but I need to tackle that long list of holiday gifts first. :)

Another new toy I've recently finished is this sweet crocheted elephant:

I love him! And you should feel him, he is sooo soft and has a nice weight to him.

The pattern is from "Cute Little Animals" a booklet by Leisure Arts. The only thing I changed were the eyes. The pattern called for sequins but since this is intended for a baby I decided to use yarn. I also added the ribbon but will remove that before gifting as well. The brown yarn is more Lily cotton and the blue is the now defunct DK Summer Soft that I love so much. I can't even find any on Ebay!

I just had to show you his cute little tail. :)

So now I'm off to make a list. I find that writing down all my ideas for gifts helps me to pick and choose which projects I would like to work on. I am trying not to start 5 things and finish nothing like I've done in the past! What kinds of things are you making for holiday gifts this year?

Coming soon: more thrifted treasures, painting with thread, more vintage items up in The Goodness Shop and a give away! Woo Hoo!


PS - Did you know even Martha has a blog?? She is looking for some blogs to review, stop by for a visit!


LeeAnn said...

Your dolls are so adorable! Maybe you could give her one of your vintage hankies. Cause you know all ladies need one. :)

Sid Simpson said...

I am making lots of greener living things like shopping bags, wash cloths, etc. And also the food gifts I am known for- jams, cakes, etc.

Psst. All those goody goodie girl dolls need a witch sister to keep them in line!


Citygirl.em said...

Rebecca, I am absolutely envious of your crocheting abilities! I haven't a clue how to read a pattern. THat is something I'd love to learn.
The elephant is absolutely adorable. ANd I love those orange gloves on your slide show!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute little toys Rebecca! You need to find friends with children and babies LOL!

Diane said...

Very nice braided bun doll hair! And the elephant's tail is cute CUTE. It's all in the details. Anticipating the "coming soon" items...

Mom IsAmagpie said...

I'm absolutely putting off packing right now to browse blogs, and Willow made it so worth it!!!! She's amazing! I need to make my aunt an elephant of some sort this year for the holidays. I didn't let Mr. Bunny put my yarn in boxes, just the clear totes they are in so they can not be misplaced while unpacking and I can get straight to some yarn love.
Hope your vacation was wonderful.

Amy M. said...

OH, that elephant is so cute!!!


Heidi said...

Wow--you're thinking about Christmas already. I'm impressed! Me--I'm still catching up on jet lag.

Chelsea Van Tol said...

that elephant is adorable!! I wish I coud make one :)

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