Friday, September 19, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Back in the Spring Kai come up with a fabulous swap idea. Due to rising gas costs a lot of people were cutting out there summer vacations so Kai thought we could give our swap partners a summer vacation in a box! I was so lucky to be paired with Emily. We hit it off like wildfire! In fact, she'll be in New York next month. :) So without further ado . . .

This summer I went to . . .

And since I have never been to Paris before, Emily sent me a friend as a companion and tour guide. Meet Cristal Feret:

Cristal is oh so chic and very French! Her adorable clothes are made from felted cashmere sweaters! And see that sketch book under her arm? It's actually a mini sewing kit! How clever!

Here is my entire package. I KNOW! In additional to Cristal and my guide to Paris Emily sent:

A sweet French needle book
French postcards
Perfume (with a sassy Sex and The City reference)
French chocolate
A black and silver chic scarf (it's under everything but I'll take a picture of me modeling it soon)
French Lavender body scrub
Nail polish "Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not" LOL
and the cutest mascara you can hang on your cell phone

She spoiled me! Oh and have I mentioned that she made me an AMY BUTLER BAG??

It has adorable Eiffel Tower fabric outside and French cafe lining inside! It's perfect! I needed a new bag and this one will go with everything. :)

Oh and since she knows how much I love flea markets, she included all of these amazing french Flea Market treasures!

Mother of pearl barrettes, a metal barrette, a gorgeous cameo pin, a rhinestone pin, a butterfly stick pin, a beaded necklace, earrings, the cutest pink telephone charm, a velvet ring box and a tiny green alligator change purse. I about died when I saw it all! Seems like she knows me pretty well.

Emily, thank you for the lovely trip to Paris! This was a fabulous swap. :)

I sent Emily on a vacation to her "Comfort Zone." Earlier in the summer she wrote a post about about what would be in her comfort box so I did my best to make that box a reality for her. I'll post a link when she posts it. :)

If you ever get a chance to swap with Emily, do it! :)



Citygirl.em said...

I'm so thrilled you liked everything. I got in a panic, wondering if you'd like this stuff....I'm so delighted you are happy! I'm sorry my presentation wasn't as good as yours. That is my one artistic downfall-I'm not real gifted in the presentation like you are.

I'm going to post my swap pix today-I was watching the recording of the Cubs game late last night and didn't blog much. Today's the day!
Can't wait for NYC! We will have a fun time together, I know it!

Unknown said...

What a CLEVER idea for a swap! And what an amazing swap package Emily put together for you. What a treat that must have been to open!

Diane said...

Your vacation swap package is better than most of the vacations I've been on! What a gem of a partner.

LA said...

I'm swooning. What an amazing swap! I love, love Cristal.

Cheers! LA

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