Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Could it Be? Yes it Could.

Somethings coming . . . something GOOD. :) Lot's of new things up in the Goodness Shop including new vintage trims, pillow cases, lace and other goodies. I've been quite lucky in my latest bouts of hunting and gathering and wanted to share the wealth!

So what has me all giddy?

Vintage wall paper rolls! I NEVER find these. Okay, not never, but I have only found one roll in . . . forever. And that was kids wall paper. While it will be very hard for me to cut this up I will be making up some rolls for sale in the shop soon. Because seriously, what am going to do with ALL this? Wall paper a room? (what knee slapper!)

Vintage birthday balloon cake picks. My Mom informs me that I had picks just like these on my first birthday cake. Ahem. I guess that make me vintage as well.

Tiny Japanese glass ornaments. I have big plans to have a holiday section in the Goodness Shop and these might make it in there. But then again, maybe not. ;)

More vintage Japanese ornaments. I love the red gingham though they don't really scream Christmas to me. I do really enjoy fan ornaments, though.

A yard of vintage Christmas fabric. It's a little stained but hopefully some Oxy will do the trick. This will be up in the shop because I know I won't be able to bring myself to cut it!

I've also scored some other nice pieces of fabric for my own stash. I hope to get started on some holiday gifts soon. I'm also hoping to get caught up on some blog reading as that is where most of my inspiration to create comes from.



Sarah and Jack said...

Those Santas are mine. Don't even bother loading them into etsy. LOL

Thimbleanna said...

Sarah cracks me up! Looks like you got some great finds!

Michele said...

Good morning Rebecca...guess who's goin shoppin...hehehehe!


Dot said...

I love the tiny ornaments!

I'm going thrifting today, maybe I'll get lucky too!



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