Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sweet & Sinister Swap

I joined the Sweet & Sinister Swap hosted by Artsy Mama and I am so glad I did! I had a fabulous partner and absolutely NO swap angst what so ever. This was such a fun swap to put together and that's mainly because Sid, my fabulous partner, is so kind and warm and open that it was a joy to create for her.

As Sid has received her package from me I thought I would share what I sent.

Look! I sewed something. The doll on the right is Betty Boo and I made her AND her clothes all by myself. She is a sweet Halloween poppet and I think she came out pretty good even though her head is a little flat. ;) The bag on the left is knit with Patons Brilliant and filled with goodies.

Inside the Black Magic Bag are two mini "Books of Wisdom" - Arthurian Wisdom and Celtic Wisdom both of which are things Sid mentioned she likes. Also included are some fun Halloween themed cocktail umbrellas and a package of vintage Halloween cupcake picks.

I found these great flocked masks at the dollar store! I added a little glitter, some ribbon and some feathers and leaves.

There are so many great Halloween decorations out there that it was tough to choose! I included a fun Jersey Devil post card, a black hobnail "cauldron" candle holder with a vanilla cupcake scented Yankee candle, paper broom ornament, glittery "beware" sign and a fun marabou bat wearing a glittered mask.

And finally a fun paper rosette pin for Sid to wear on Halloween when she is teaching. This came out very well, I think I'll make a few more for the shop perhaps?

This was a great swap and I just can't wait for Sid's package to arrive. It's winging it's way to me as we speak! You can check out the other swap goodies at this Flickr group site.

Getting ready for Halloween . . . . Re"boo"cca


Funky Finds said...

fabulous goodies! i loved this swap, too. i had never heard of the jersey devil. very interesting! happy halloween!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

The feathery bat is too fun.

Unknown said...

Rebecca, what an awesome swap package you sent! Those little cocktail umbrellas are super cute, and I love what you did with the masks. I bet your partner just LOVED it all!

Christina J. said...

Wow! Great stuff!

Jane said...

I love that little ghosty doll you sewed! Everything is "spooktacular!"

LA said...

What a super package. She'll love it. That rosette is adorable. Definitely for the shop. And Betty Boo is fabulous!


Jenn Maruska said...

Nice doll! Good work! I esp. like the little detail on the bottom of her dress.

jungle dream pagoda said...

How delicious !! That doll is SOOOO cute!

Kari said...

So glad you had fun with this swap:) LOVE all the goodies. That doll is fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the goodies you created. That swap sounded so fun, I missed that one. :) Bren

Paula said...

What an awesomely scary package! Love that doll. How fun!


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