Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crafty McBoo

So this is about the easiest Halloween craft ever made. I know I saw these in Martha and various other places so I'm not sure who gets the credit but they are easy and quick and oh so cute.

Halloween "crackers." These don't actually crack but you can go here and order supplies to make the real thing. So mine are filled with miniature candy bars which are in abundance at this time of year. Most of them are toilet paper rolls but I did resort to cutting up a wrapping paper roll when I couldn't justify unrolling brand new TP. ;)

The tissue they are wrapped in is from the Martha collection at Michael's. When I bought it a few weeks ago it was $5 for like 12 pieces. I just picked up a second box on sale for $3 to save for next year. It's the perfect size, no cutting needed! I just stuffed the tube, rolled it in the tissue, taped it shut and tied the ends with ribbon.

Then I printed out vintage images I purchased at the Vintage Workshop and attached them over the tissue seam. Voila! Cute, easy and seriously hard to give away. :) These would be great as party favors, too. I think I'll do them at Easter for our Sunday dinner. With bunnies and chicks, of course. :)

So now that I've got THAT out my system, what's next?

Christmas fabric projects! Bring out the pinking shears!



Amanda said...

Wicked cute Rebecca! I'm going to see if I can make some as cute as yours.

Unknown said...

I wondered where you got that cute paper! I figured some fancy place in NYC--never guessed it would be Michael's! LOL I may have to see if I can tuck some away for next year. :)

PS--LOVED the innards. Yum!

Vallen said...

Those crackers would be nice at our potluck table tomorrow. They turned out great!!

Jenn Maruska said...

Super cute!

And, Lord, you are crafting like crazy!!!

elizabeth said...

those crackers are so stinkin' cute!

Amy M. said...

Love the crackers. I'm going to go home and make some right away. Thanks for the idea!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman! You've been busy -- those crackers are adorable! I've always loved that vintage CD -- now there's another reason to get it!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Well I'll tell you those crackers are so so cute I'm gonna hafta be a copy cat!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those halloween "crackers"! I am going to run search for that paper now that I know where to find it! Thanks!


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