Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spur of the Moment Thrift

I usually do not go out to the Savers during the week. The traffic is bad and it's usually takes forever to get there. But I guess it was an attempt to make up for my sadness at the state of the Astoria Goodwill that got me in the car last night. Fortunately the traffic moved well and I had a delightful conversation with dear Nina on the way there. (Feel better, sister!)

So how was it? Okay, not very crowded and I did find a few things. I'm still a little put off by the prices as compared to the Baltimore thrift but I got some okay bargains.

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counted cross stitch baby blanket kit - $5 - more than I would normally spend but it was brand new and these kits usually run atleast in the high 20s. (the orginal price tag says $35)

linen napkins - 49 cents each - there were six and I thought they were Christmas. They're not but that is still what I will use them for. I guess I have my Mom to thank for my not being able to pass up nice napkins.

leaf dish - $3 - made in Japan and I just love it.

here is a close up of the napkins and dish:

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I guess I thought that was holly around the edges. They are still very Christmas-like and will look nice on the table.

So as not to bore you, I'll post the rest tomorrow. :)

I'm considering starting an EBay store for some things I find at thrift that I know others would love but that I have no use for. I really wish there was another place to post such things. Anyway, I'm worried it will be more work than I'm ready for especially since it seems like such a chore to make it to the post office these days. (Regina, I promise to get your scrapbook goodies in the mail soon! I got some new Sizzix dies and I'm making a pile of die cuts for you. :) )

Tomorrow, more thrifts and the success of the mitten clips! However, they are not clips (wait and see!) and Carrie B. - I took your advise and used the Aleene's Tacky glue (I actually had some hidden in a bottom drawer) and it worked perfectly!



Anonymous said...

Girl, you cannot pass up good napkins - not at that price!

Unknown said...

I thought they were Christmas napkins too, until you said they weren't! I think they look very festive. One thing about eBay--don't forget that you can call the Post Office and schedule a pickup for packages! I haven't been doing it but I know I should start, as going to the PO with an armful of boxes and a wiggly 17-month-old is pure torture. You can also order your boxes (if you use Priority Mail) over the phone, and they'll deliver them to your house. All you need is a scale, and you can pay for postage thru PayPal or You don't even need to leave the house! :)

zelia said...

those napkins are really nice! And Heidi is right about the post office thing!

I have a good scale, and boxes from the post office (ordered for free online) and then when someone pays for their item with paypal, I print the postage right through paypal, and then my nice letter carrier picks them up from my front porch!

All I had to do was tell him that I ship packages a lot and when I have a package I put a little note in the box.

I'll write about my little system on my blog instead of writing a novel in your comments!

Gina said...

LOL! and I agree with anon...NEVER pass up linen at a good price! I love the leaf dish...that is right up my alley and we would have had to flip a coin for it! Good bargains!

jungle dream pagoda said...

You have been a busy thrifter! the napkins are perfection and I love that they are not so obviously X-mas,but still perfect for x-mas.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad the Aleene's Glue worked for you. The mitten garland looks awesome! Those would make really cute Christmas presents. And ya know... you could make that border on your napkins look like holly by stitching red sequins on in groups of three if you want!Have a great weekend.


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