Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Fabulous Finds

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Indian Cotton Table Cloth - $5 - I just loved the pattern and hoped it went with the Waverly pattern in my dining room.

Waverly Pillow - $2 - the Waverly pattern in my dining room in pillow form. I love finding things that match something I already have. Do you think the two pattern blend? Think a curtain of the Waverly pattern near this table cloth . . .

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hand embroidered pillowcase - $1 - my mother can't resist these and convinced me to buy it. It is really cute . . . (and another shot of the table cloth)

embossed stationary - $1 - in a bag with some other stationary of dancing pigs. Who could resist that??

More to come!



Anonymous said...

Okay - you KNOW I love mixing patterns - my scrapbook and my home are both testiments to that fact. I ADORE that table cloth with your Waverly pattern! I think they compliment each other beautifully! What a great find! (And of course those colors together - sigh.... perfection.) -Nina

jungle dream pagoda said...

The table cloth is beautiful!I think the 2 patterns are great together,and who could possibly resist the embroideried pillow case. Score!

Gina said...

I am rocking in my chair right now! PLEASE shop for me!!!! I love those embriodered cases! I heart anything with roses on it! You are sooooolucky!

Unknown said...

I think those patterns look great together! Mixing patterns is tricky, I can never quite seem to get the hang of it myself but I can tell when someone else has done it well! Love the pillowcase--I'm a sucker for those myself! You can make really darling dresses for little girls out of pillowcases like that.


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