Friday, August 25, 2006

Felt Mittens

Happy Friday! Boy am I glad to see the weekend finally arrive. While it's been a quiet week with my boss on vacation, it's been s-l-o-w in the office making it seem like Friday would never get here.

I was so happy with how my felt mittens turned out that I just had to share them. Call it "Felt Friday" if you will. Now, my photography skills are crap and these pictures are way too bright but I have no patience for that sort of thing. (My sister, a professional photographer would be appalled!) Anyway, I turned my mittens into a garland:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have four on the ribbon so far and plan to add another two. I made a template out of cardstock and traced it onto a cereal box and cut out the mittens. I then glued the cereal box mittens to the felt and trimmed to shape. The holly leaves, candy, circles and stars are cut with a Sizzix machine but you probably could cut them out yourself. I also added buttons and some glitter glue for extra bling. The green patterned mitten is actually covered in fabric that was thrifted at Savers.

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I won't show you the close up of the fourth, the picture is worse than the one above if you can believe that. :) I also made a pink mitten and made it into an ornament for a friend who has an all pink Christmas tree in her kitchen! (Doesn't that just make you want to be her friend, too??)

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I wish you could see the detail of the glitter outlining the white holly keaves, it really is adorable.

So needless to say, there will be tons of felt mitten making this year. I still plan to get some clothes pins to make the clips as there were originally intentioned. I think a smaller mitten would be cute tied to packages, too. I should come up with some other shapes. Ideas? I have a gingerbread man Sizzix die so I may give that a shot.

Have a fantastic weekend and more thrifting finds on Monday!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pink ornament! Only a true friend will endorse, nay, encourage such unusual compulsions as pink kitchen Christmas trees :) You realize that at some point I'll have to get a bigger tree! I have visions of one of those truly rare (and pricey) antique pink tinsel trees. Some day... oh yes, some day....

Unknown said...

Ooh, Ooh, I want to see the pink tree! I've seen those pink aluminum trees on eBay and they go for big $$. I heard about a lady somewhere who bought one of the newer repros and does a tree for her daughter with all Barbie ornaments. I think she used strings of pearls for garlands. Maybe I'll do that for my daughter in a couple of years.

The felt mittens are darling! Are they like a garland then? What a fun gift those will make. I think a little brown felt gingerbread man would be adorable too! You could use white rickrack for the icing, and I know a scrapbook company called Doodlebug makes the cutest little buttons shaped like gumdrops! Lots of fun possibilities there.

Anonymous said...

I know those mittens! They are quite lovely. I specially like the one with holly leaves.

there will be tons of felt mitten making this year

And there I was thinking this would be the Year of the Wedding Favor. You will warn me if you get the urge to handmake the bridesmaids' dresses out of felt, won't you?



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