Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beatrice Bear

I used to fear my sewing machine. It caused me to swear like a sailor and throw things. Even the dogs would look at me funny when I would pull a chair up to the Singer. I don't know what made me decide to cut out the pattern pieces for Hillary's Wee Wonderful's Bear but I'm glad I did. Meet Beatrice!

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I am just beaming with pride when I look at her. For a non sewer, she's not so bad! Her right ear is a little wonky, but seriously, who's isn't? And I love her little green loafers. All the buttons are from my Grandmother's huge button stash that I inherited. Doesn't she need a green felt bag so she can go on a trip? Hmm . . .

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Beatrice's dress is from a thrifted napkin and the yellow flannel is when years ago Dita and I made a New Year's resolution to learn to sew. Um, I think that was in 1999 . . . .

Anyway, I already started making her a buddy, the bunny pattern from the same booklet.

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She is home ready to be sewn together and stuffed. Ofcourse now I'll have to go to craft store for more stuffing. OH DARN. ;)

Anyone else try any of Hilary's patterns? I have also made a Wee Bunny which is one of her free patterns:

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You can see it here with the "used to be evil" sewing machine. Because of course before it was out to get me. It certainly wasn't operator error, right?? :) The wee bunny also has a tummy made from a thrifted napkin. Note to self: THRIFT MORE LINENS!



Sarah and Jack said...

I havent made anything from her pattern book, but I have made a bunny, they are so cute!

Anonymous said...



I am very proud of you. So what was wrong with the tension?

Beatrice is adorable. But yes, she does need a bag (although you think everyone needs a bag...several, actually, all with shoes to match).

I think I have some fabrics stuffed in my Closet of Doom that you can have, if you like. Although they are more of the tapestry variety (yes, I know, you are shocked).

I have to get on a subway meet someone for drinks...and shopping...whoever could that be?

Anonymous said...

I love Beatrice! Of COURSE she needs a bag! Oy! And dare I say a hat? Because I believe the city is really one of the few places people still wear hats, so you're practically obligated to wear them (at least that's MY justification)! :)

Anonymous said...

Simply adorable!! (about time that fabric got used) Yes, of course she needs a bag. You could even knit her a hip bag:)

Love your velvet purse. That was a great find.



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