Monday, March 18, 2013


I like trying to incorporate fabric into my crochet projects. One thing I have been trying to do is create a doll with a crocheted body and cloth clothing. We all now there is a lot of what not to crochet out there and I think most dolls go into that catagory. I started one back when I had my broken leg (and a lot of time on my hands) and have continuously put her to the side because I just didn't like the pattern. But I never could bring myself to ditch her completely.

So while I am not completely satisfied I do think she is starting to come together.

Her legs are my least favorite part so the next design will be different. Though making thin legs in crochet is kind of tough unless you use a very small yarn.

Her face is sweet though I wish I had placed it closer to her hairline. It appears as if her hair is in the wrong place. I suppose I could remove it and reposition it but I like her quirkiness. This one I am naming Wally Simpson, a name suggestion for my last doll from my friend Caroline. Hello, Wally!


ThriftyGirl51 said...

An adorable doll, so cute, I admire your skills : )

Cheryl said...

Girl... thats so darn cute! You should give her bangs.. ok, I say this cause I have bangs lol...... You should make more dolls like her, she is a cutie :-)

Natasha said...

She is amazing..I love how you incorporated so many mediums! I like the bangs idea...tho I don't have bangs ;)


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