Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Use it or lose it . . .

In effort to use up some of my ridiculous stash yarn I have started yet another crochet project. Apparently I feel better if this stashed yarn in question is made into something half done rather than piled up somewhere making me feel guilty.

So here is Elly. She will get another large purple ear and four purple limbs. Since she is a stash project and I ran out of the white I used for her body that is the way it will be, and it will make her quirky and lovable. Oh and she is totally a Francophile so she is also getting a beret, a wee sweater and a basket of flowers all to be made with a random variegated purple yarn from the stash. All the yarn used so far (plus the aforementioned variegated one) were thriftier together in one bag. It was the inspiration for Elly. Last weekend I scored another bag of random good quality yarn that is begging to be a bear. This could be the beginning of a good art challenge!


ThriftyGirl51 said...

So cute, today I was going through a stash of my own of old crochet books I have, dated 1986 and one of them had a basket of animals like this one to make. I was going to try and get rid of some stuff, I figured if I haven't used it since the mid 80's I probably won't. I didn't get rid of one.single.thing. Just looked through it all and packed it back up!

Wendy said...

Elly is adorable! You are so clever with your thrifty finds -
And yes, Sophie is growing up way too fast, it's crazy isn't it?!


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