Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bring on the Fall

Fall is in the air here in NYC. The temps have dipped to the 50s at night and the humidity is low. I love it. I feel energized. All of a sudden there aren't enough hours in the day to craft, bake and just be outside. So long oppresive summer heat and hello falling leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, apples and holidays. Of course we'll probably see another a few days of 85 plus but I'll enjoy this for now.

Cooler weather also means a return to my craft room which is much too hot and stuffy to inspire any creativity in the summer months. Several of the holiday crafting magazines are already out and two I picked up both featured paper houses for Christmas. I've made these before (check them out HERE, they are a bit cuter than I remember) but I thought to shake it up this year by making a haunted version

These pictures are terrible, the house is much cuter than it looks here.

As with the sugar plum houses I made the patern up as I went along and it is extremely crooked. Luckily that works for a haunted mansion. I got black glitter on everything. Including in my coffee across the room.

I put a fun little trim around the eaves made of crepe paper punched with a continuoous icicle punch from Martha Stewart Crafts. Again, much cuter in person. I'm still working on it and hope to find some black bottle brush trees (or make my own thanks to a suggestion from Sarah) and something to make a fence and gate from. Ooo and maybe some tomb stones . . . .

I really enjoy making paper houses and think I'll whip up a whole village of spooky abodes. Yeah Autumn.


Unknown said...

I love the crepe paper icicles! You MUST make some trees--I just dyed some more orange ones this morning, as a matter of fact! They're so, so easy and they look so fun when you're finished! I like to paint the bases black and cover them with black MS glitter because glitter makes everything better. :)

Jennifer W. said...

Everything looks awesome!!

acorn hollow said...

your haunted house is so cute.
what a great idea

Elise said...

Yay for FALL and FALLing temperatures!!! We are having a reprieve from the heat down South, too, and it is so nice!!
Your haunted house is so cute, and I think that the leaning add the the charm, I mean, spooky feel!
Happy FALL!!!!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

That turned out so cute! I am itching to get the fall/Halloween stuff out, but am deathly afraid of the spiders that I know are in that shed!

And I WISH the temps were falling here. They definitely arent.

Serena said...

Your house looks spooooky :0) You need to add some ghosts and goblins and witches - oh my!

Rebecca, I wish you could've sent some heat out my way (San Francisco). We have notoriously cool summers, esp in July and August. The temperature should be rising this time of year, but as of right now, we are still cool.

Jane said...

Looks terrific! Fall has inspired me to craft a bit too. Unfortunately, it is still terribly hot here. If I can take the pictures, I may even have a post!


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