Thursday, August 23, 2012

Silencing the Inner Critic

I've been harsh on myself this summer. We are our own worst critics, right? In May I was diagnosed with early Graves' Disease which is apparently quite common in Type 1 Diabetic women my age. GREAT. I'm in the early treatment stage which means blood work once a month and medication daily. Said medication makes one gain weight. Like a pound a week. EVERY week no matter what you eat. Good times. So like I said, I've been harsh on myself and spending way too much time looking in the mirror and being critical.

The rest of my time I spend feeling blue and achy and tired. I'm so over feeling meh 24-7. So enough is enough. Yesterday I had my first ever accupunture treatment. I have a dear friend who swears by it and after speaking with her recently I decided to go for it. I told the therapist I needed relief from my lower back pain and to rid myself of the general malaise that has settled on me. She told me she would need to target my stomach as that is where my energy flow was a real mess (not her exact words but this is what she was getting at.)

I'm not needle shy. I take about 6 shots a day on average and have blood drawn once a month. Even with that said you cannot feel the needles. I know everyone says this but it's true. Like, for real. I had 10 needles inserted, 1 in each hand, 2 in each calf and 2 in each foot. Take that STOMACH. I could feel it working. I felt little pulses at each point and a general shudder a few times. It was very relaxing. Once I had the uncontrollable urge to laugh like a maniac (I didn't) and I have no idea why. Afterwards I felt great. Lighter, even. More energetic. Certainly better. I'm going back for more next week.

So here I am. Not being critical (mostly) and not being meh. Hopefully this leads to more blogging and more creating. Oh and more maniacal laughter.


Shara said...

Bless your heat Rebecca - I had no idea you were going through so much. You take care of yourself and don't you EVER get hard on yourself. You are YOU and you are perfect!

(*Remind me to say this to myself sometimes too.)

Keep on blogging and keep on creating!!!! We're here for you!

Jennifer W. said...

I've been thinking about you -- glad you are looking for alternative treaments, and that this one had a positive result. Hang in there!

Jane said...

So glad you are posting again. Sorry to hear about your illness. I tried acupuncture a few years back and really enjoyed it too. Although, I must warn, check your feet before you stand! Once, my practitioner forgot a needle in my foot! No worries, I saw it first! Take care!

Mom IsAmagpie said...

You look radiant!
Sorry you are going through so much and will be in my thoughts.
But seriously you look radiant, remember that!!!

Serena said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this, Rebecca! I hope that the acupuncture treatments will continue to go well for you and that you will be back to feeling like your old self again. Please take care of yourself. Give yourself a hug everyday!

John Schindler II said...

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