Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vintage Valentine's Day Corsage Swap

I heard from Emma yesterday that her corsage has arrived. She liked it! Yeah! We gave participants the option to chose red or pink and I was tickled that Emma chose pink.


Voila! Pink vintagy corsage goodness. :) As you may notice, that picture is one of my absolute favorites to use in projects. I just think she's beautiful and regal and darling. I found the photo in this Flickr group where people post art for using in collages. Lots of good stuff!

I created my corsage by starting with some glittered leaf picks I had my stash, most likely picked up Michaels at some point. I went a little crazy with the glitter, huh? The pink heart was something in a box of little items I found at one of the treasure sales and adding the pink glitter really made it special! The crown was purchased from The Speckled Egg where I buy many of my foil dresdens and the metal beads were a lucky thrift find a few months ago. I also created a crepe paper rosette (learn how to make one HERE), a Valentine tag and some of those vintage pink sequins I recently found.

You can see a few satin flowers in there that also came from the craft store. Again with the glitter? You know it! I wrapped the stems in floral tape and included a pin back. Foam mounting squares were used to keep everything in place. Then I tucked the corsage in a box with some tissue and foil shreds to keep it safe in travel.

Add a bag of Lindor truffles . . .

 . . . a little red satin ribbon and voila! Vintage Valentine's Goodness. This was a very fun project and I can't wait to come up with new corsages for Easter. I'll be sharing Emma's corsage with you as soon as it arrives! It's currently winging it's way across the pond. I can't wait!

Have a moment? Check out my latest article HERE on creating your own Mom Cave sanctuary with Homegoods. More to come on this exciting project!


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