Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corsage Swap Trial Run

So my lovely partner for the Sweet Goodness Vintage Valentine's Corsage Swap is darling Emma who resides in the U.K. I wanted to send her corsage off ASAP so she'd be able to have more time to enjoy it with the extra time it will take to arrive. So I got started some time ago on this project.

Since I've never made a corsage before I decided to also make one for my Mom as a trial run, if you will. Since she has already received it, I figured I can share:

I used a vintage corsage thrifted some time ago that was kind of plain. Just the silver leaf and silver fringes on the corsage stem.

I added the graphic (which is from a Dover collection) and label, red dresden bow and lots of glitter. I also tucked in a velvet heart found in my treasure sale treasures (I have a whole bag of these!)

I put it in a box that originally had Christmas cards in it, added some shreds and a ribbon and voila! Simple to make but oh so cute! Once Emma receives her corsage, which is pink, I'll share that as well.

I think we should bring the corsage back. Any one up for a Vintage Easter Corsage Swap??



JunqueMagnet said...

Looks lovely.I love finding the old corsages.Too much fun.I'm in if you decide to do a swap.Enjoy.

Emma said...

Hey Rebecca!

I just sent you an email. Just wanted to say that your corsage arrived this morning, and it's loooovely! Thank you so much! (The crown is fab!) :o) Hopefully your corsage will arrive with you shortly. Thanks again!

Best Wishes,



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