Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And then there were Thrifts . . .

Thrifting trips have been few and far between around here lately. My weekends fill up quickly and regular life seems to get in the way. Last week I quit my job. I was offered a better position in Manhattan that I couldn't say no to. I'm so relieved. I was very unhappy at my last job and it was really starting to affect my life. This is a great move for me. My boss was none too happy and in a fit of unprofessionalism he had me pack up and leave right away. It was a bit of an ugly scene and I did let it get to me for awhile but I'm over it now. My early exit gives me a week off before my new job starts and you know I had to fit in some thrifting in that time, right?

I got an email that Unique thrift stores were having 50% off for MLK so off I went yesterday to dig through the treasures.

Two adorable vintage aprons for only $1.50 each! I think the $3 regular price isn't too bad either. The one on the left is a full apron and will be going to a friend who it reminds me of. I think I'll keep the one on the right. I love the colors and I really can't resist an apron. I have a large collection now and have decided that I will have to put some up in the shop. I really need to declutter and just pick out my favorites. Enough hoarding!

A queen sized chenille bedspread for $2.50. Again, $5 is not a bad regular price which surprises me in the thrifts these days. I'm not sure how old this is. It's really clean and there are no tags. Anyone know how to date these things? I'm thinking this will be a cutter though we all know ho hard that will be for me.

An oil painting done on a piece of wood and framed in silk covered wood. This is definitely something someone made and it just speaks to me. It's not really my style (though I love Asian items) but I had to have it. Plus the price was right, only 40 cents. The more I look at it, the more I love it.

Some fun crafty supplies. I tend to head right for this section as I'm craving inspiration these days. I found a bag of what I thought were fabric scraps but instead was a kit to make a fabric and felt turtle, pattern included. You can see a scrap pf green there on the bottom. The pink pearl roping is just cute and was like 50 cents and I figure I can use it for something or put it in the shop. (Though I've been hoarding my trims lately!) I also found a few old needle books, some rick rack and embroidery floss. All in all, fun crafty finds.

I collect those silk scarf boxes though this one is the first I've found in such a bright pattern. All of mine are pale blue or pink and a bit shabbier in nature. This one is probably not as old and is also headed for a friend. I'll be turning that cute lamb planter into a pin cushion (more on that and other planter pin cushion projects later) and that Pampered Chef Apple Peeler is for my Mom.

All in all, I spent $23. Good times were had by all. Since I'm off the rest of the week I think I'll head out to the "far away" thrift at some point and see what treasures can be found. Any luck on your end?


The Urban Chic said...

Girl you found some awesome things. I can't wait to get back to thrifting, but I need to have a garage sale to clear up some room. I love the pink pearl roping. Happy thrifting. hugs, Pat

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I had some thrifting luck yesterday! I like the Edgewood Thirft Shop, there's much better deals to be had. Mom had told me about a changing table she saw there last week for $20 so we went to investigate and sure enough it was still there AND half price so I got it for $10! A little TLC and it will be as good as new and a huge savings over the $180 one I registered for. I also got two really nice baby blankets (one from Gap, one from Carter's), fuzzy puppy booties, and teensy turtle socks for $4 more!

Shara said...

I didn't know that HDM ws going to be a Mommy! Congrats!

Thrifting is slow here - a thing here and there. Snow is coming htis weekend, so no chance of a treasure for me. ;o(

Mama Said Sew said...

Nice finds, but you're a bad influence! After reading your post, I had to go thrifting. :) I found 2 nice twin sheets and 3 yards of fabric for future sewing projects. I wish our Goodwill would have a half off sale. They're getting so many donations right now that things are piled up in the parking lot!

BTW, your Mom is going to love that apple peeler.

Elise said...

Man, you found a lot of great stuff!! I was gonna say that I haven't been thrifting in a while, but then realized that would've been a lie since I just went Saturday!! I got two hard back suitcases to store craft supplies in. We are downsizing and I have to get creative with storage. I thought not only are the suitcases handy, they are cute, so maybe they'll go under my bed, or perhaps stay out. I need to get a few more for kids' toys, I think.
Hope you LOVE your new job!!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh my there's that word again..."hoard"...I am convinced all us thrift-venture lovin' gals are all hoarders at our core!
Awesome finds and awesome to catch up with you!!!


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