Monday, August 30, 2010

My Fair Ladies

I've been wanting to have the chance to spend some time in the clean craft room but the new job and house work has kept me busy. I managed to get up super early yesterday and drag out a few supplies and start on a heritage album:

I spent most of my time sitting there "thinking" about what to do and not really doing! (Don't you ahet that?) But at least I got some creative time in. I also remembered that I haven't shared the latest Victorian Lady I finished up a few weeks ago and quickly snapped some pictures:

It really is much cuter then this photo lets on! I used a fan ornament I found at the thrift store, some vintage photos I printed from here and some great silver leaves that Shara sent me some time ago. I actually started it back when I made this ornament I made two years ago:

You can see the original post here. Oh yes, TWO YEARS it's been sitting in pieces waiting to be finished. Oh how I procrastinate lol. However, I'm glad the pair is done! I think they are so cute and I keep them in little shadow boxes I found on clearance forever ago:

Cute, right? So as you can imagine I put the heritage album stuff away and drug out my files of Victorian ladies and started on some Halloween witches. Hopefully they will be finished by October 2012. ;) I'll share those soon! Has any one else started on fall crafts yet?

Please stop by and read my latest article on refinishing flea market furniture. I have an expert guest who gives great tips on stripping off and repainting the pieces. This is the first post where I feature that expert who happens to be my dad! So please visit and see what he has to say. You won't be sorry! :)

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My Daily Creation said...

I love your blog, you are so creative! I am new to blogging and a veteran to thrift store shopping and sewing. I love getting inspired by looking at what other crafty people do. Thanks!! Congrats in the job btw!


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