Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I love collecting things. It adds to the "thrill of the hunt." I have many little collections that I've shared here but I don't think I've ever showed my small collection of Kokeshi dolls:

The two in the center are thrift store finds. The tall one on the left is from a "junk" antique store (and I say that fondly!) and it's really a set of three nesting dolls. The big fella on the right was a gift from my friend Nina when she recently visited Japan. He is new, as opposed to the vintage ones, and a bit bigger. I think the four of them might a lovely team and I hope to find more in my travels.

Nina also brought me other fun goodies from her trip like little silk squares and those adorable tiny erasers! It was like Christmas. :)

If you really want to see some amazing collections visit Laurie at Magpie Ethel. She does a a collection challenge each week and you can see them all here. Prepare to be amazed! Maybe we can convince Laurie to host a collection blog party where everyone can post their collections for sharing.

While you're out there on the world wide web please stop by HERE and see my new Examiner page. I would love it if you subscribed to receive my arts and crafts articles. You'll see many of my favorite bloggers and new friends featured plus fun and affordable craft projects to try. The first national article is posted there and is about using paint to freshen up flea market furniture. You can read it HERE. Thank you again for all of your support! Ideas for articles and projects are always welcome. And if you have discovered any fantastic new crafting and DIY blogs out there please let me know!

Fondly ~ Rebecca


em said...

I collect kokeshi! I have a few antique ones from my uncle (in Japan) and several new ones I picked up on my last 2 trips there. They're all very different but I love them all. You're lucky to have found yours while thrifting.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Thanks for the mention and will thing about doing a blog party - GOOD IDEA! I do like my collections...but no kokeshi dolls.


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