Monday, June 07, 2010

Thrift Share Monday

Apron Thrift Girl has a great idea for sharing thrifty finds on Monday. Since this is a Thrifty blog and every day is Thrifty Share day, why not? While I didn't thrift these items myself they were thrifted for me by my Mom. :) That's a lot of use of the word THRIFT.

Super cute vintage McCalls transfer patterns.

I really want to stitch the barbershop quartet on something. Any suggestions?

Some really neat old monogram transfers for the letter "D." Not sure what I'll do with these as there isn't one single D in my name but I'm loving the graphics on the packaging.

And not embroidery transfers but still vintage and cute, I'm loving these vintage baby patterns. I do love to make baby things. Tiny, cute and oh so fast to make up. This is why I've never made a real sweater. I get bored after the first sleeve. :)

So, any thrifty finds out there?

I hope to post the results of the Craft Challenge soon. I realized I hadn't heard back from one person and wanted to check before showing off the final projects.

And I have a new article up at the Examiner about Mochimochi Land which is one of my favorite knit toys sites. You can check it out HERE. Thanks for your support!

xoxoxo ~ rr


Very Mary said...

The barbershop quartet is begging to be added to a bathroom hand towel!

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh! That barbershop quartet is amazing. 'bout a little haircut apron thinging (like they put on you when you're getting your hair done) for a little boy for his haircuts? I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm really digging here for something to put that cute transfer on! Great finds!

Laura said...

I thought the quartet would look nice on a towel, too - perhaps a linen hand towel or tea towel?

Lauren said...

I'd put the quartet on a kitchen tea towel. That is INSANELY cute!!!!

Kai said...

Where on EARTH do you find so many cute things? Not just TODAY, but all the time? I definitely need to go thrifting with you! I'm with the rest of your readers: the quartet would look super on a towel. Only if I did that on a towel, I'd DARE anyone to even CONSIDER using it! LOL! LOVE YOU!


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