Friday, June 04, 2010

The Colors of Summer

Hello all! I'm back from a loooong weekend in Baltimore. Vacation is nice but then you get home and see that no one came and magically cleaned your house while you were away. So I have a lot to do this week before I leave on another mini vacation to Washington DC.

I will have the craft challenge photos up soon. I'm waiting for one more entry so I can post them all together. Wait until you see them! I'd also still like some opinions on how to finish up my crocheted bunny. Please visit this post and give me your two cents!

One last thing before I leave you with my colors of summer photos, a super big THANK YOU to Miss Very Mary who sent me not one but TWO packages of gorgeous designer fabric scraps. I'll show you the goodies as soon as I can stop playing with them to take some photos. Mary Ann - I owe you another long thank you email but AOL is on the fritz today. Expect one soon!!

Have a super summer weekend!



Kai said...

WHAT????? That lazy good-for-nothing housecleaning fairy didn't do her job while you were away? THE NERVE! (Uh - if ever she DOES show up, would you mind telling her to get her fairy-sized butt over HERE, too? Thanks!) Waaaah! Another trip so soon? I was eager for you to get back and soooo happy to see your post, only to learn you're leaving again. Spoiled BRAT, aren't I? Hope you have a blast! Write when you get home! HUGS!

Very Mary said...

Oh Miss R, prepare for fabric for the rest of your beautiful long life. It's the Mt. Rushmore of fabric around here.


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