Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Thrifty Finds & a Craft Challenge Reminder!

Hi girls! For those of you who joined in on the craft challenge please remember to email me a picture of your creation or if you've posted it on your blog just send me a link to that post. I've received a few but still waiting for two, I think. If you can't get it done, no worries! This is supposed to be fun and care free. I'll post what I have after the holiday weekend.

So I was able to make a quick run to the thrift on Monday on the pretense that I was looking for a tall table for my husband's basement gym area. Uh huh. Well no luck on that but I did find a few goodies.

More yarn! Most of it is really thin but will be pretty mixed in with other yarns. I couldn't resist the colors and since Monday is half price misc. stuff day (lol) it was only $1.50 for all. Now just to figure out what to make with it.

A vintage apron and super cute pillow that goes well with my others on the sofa.

Look at that fabric on the apron! I had to remove the straps as they were paper ribbon so I'll need to add some new ones. The apron is small so maybe I'll just turn it into something else. Wouldn't it make cute pot holders? What would you make it into? Or would you leave it as an apron? It was only $2 which is really cheap for aprons at this thrift. There was another I would have liked to have but it was pretty stained and they wanted $6 for it!

And this little thermos is from Starbucks so it's not vintage, of course, but oh so cute! The sleeve is made from strawberry printed oil cloth. Now I need to pack a picnic just so I can use it. :) Even though I found a vintage apron (cheap) on this trip, this thermos is probably my favorite find. Weird? ;)

Before you head off for holiday fun in the sun please stop by and check out my latest article at the Examiner. It's a great idea from Cathe Holden for making cigar boxes into tres chic storage. You can find the article HERE. I'm getting pretty excited about this little column. Not only have I made some new friends, bloggers and other Examiners alike, but a friend called me today to ask if I feature projects you can make with your kids. She and her son made some really cute candle holders and wanted to share this fun and easy project. Anyone else have any kid friendly craft ideas? That would make for a great collection of projects I think.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

ciao ~ rebecca


Kai said...

ARRRRRGGGHHHH! I wrote a LONG comment earlier and when I clicked onto 'Publish comment' it just disappeared. Bad old Blogger, playing tricks on me! In a nutshell, what I wrote was that I love your finds - especially the red thermos because red is my fave in EVERYTHING! Don't know if I'd keep the apron as is or as a re-do! Cute fabric, tho'! And the thinner yarns combined with other yarns will give you lovely one-of-a-kind skeins! Also read your article - was it yesterday??? Can't recall - and really enjoyed it! You are doing an awesome job for the Examiner! Finally, I see you are a Tilda fan, too! I LOVE her books - have them ALL! Right now I'm tracing patterns from her Sew Sunny Homestyle. Can't decide WHAT to make first! Will it be the seashorse? The cow? The party bags? Sigh! Such fun awaits! Love your bathroom dolly! HUGS!

Very Mary said...

I love to use old worn out aprons in my quilts - gives them such a one of a kind aspect!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

That little apron is cute! Not sure what Id do with it either though.

Darla said...

Can't locate your e-mail but want to apologize that my contribution to the thrifty challenge isn't in.
At the last minute we went to the mountains and I was (gasp)without art supplies. I'll get it done soon tho.



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