Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bon-Bon Bunny Needs Your Help

Meet Bon-Bon Bunny.

She is very sad because she is unfinished.

She is made of gorgeous organic cotton in the most lovely shabby rose shade.

She has pretty chintz style fabric in her ears and on her big bunny feet.

Her problem? Should she also have a big circle of fabric on her belly? Little circles on her paws? Little circles for cheeks? We can't decide so we need your help.

I think she will have button eyes, pink buttons I think. I usually like to make my toys baby friendly and skip the buttons but I think they are the best choice for Bon-Bon.

Now what do you think? Fabric belly? Paws? Cheeks? Button eyes? Embroidered eyes? Fabric circles with button eyes on top? I just can't decide. So far she is one of my favorite creations so I want her to turn out beautifully. Thoughts? She is patiently awaiting your feedback on the sewing table (read dining room table.)

Got a moment? Need a quick project? Please see my latest article at the Examiner HERE on some fun paper and fabric flower projects. Don't forget to send me pictures if you make your own paper flowers and I'll feature them in a future article! I hope you'll join in. I'll be making crepe paper roses myself.


Wooly Annimals said...

I think, Bon-Bon Bunny says beautiful with the eyes, that E.Doherty makes. You know what i mean?

Lovely greats from Germany,

Kai said...

What a lil' cutie-pie! I definitely vote for the fabric tummy AND the fabric circle/button eyes! But I think you don't need fabric on the paws. Just my opinion. Cannot WAIT to see Bon-Bon completed! Read your newest article & I AM going to try some flowers! Thanks for the cool idea!


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