Thursday, October 29, 2009

One door closes . . .

I headed out to my favorite thrift store on Sunday and noticed that the parking lot was unusually full. As I got closer I saw THE BIG YELLOW SIGN. The thrift store is closing and everything is 50% off.


I have to read it again. At the bottom of the sign it says "Please visit Island Thrift" and gives an address . . . hmm . . . a thrift store I didn't know about? So I took a quick spin around the soon to be closed Northern Thrift and only found a few books, a hand knit baby blanket and two books of sheet music. Then I headed over to Island Thrift.

Wow. That place is huge and it's stuffed to the gills with crap! I had limited time so I didn't get to explore everything but did dig up some fun things:

They had lots of bags of kitchen utensils, something I didn't often find at Northern. Only the french fry cutter on the right has a wooden handle but I like the ice cream scoop and big slotted spoon as well. I bought antother bag for the funnel and also decided to keep a pair of ice tongs, a cake server and a mini ladle. A pretty good score for a total of around $5.00.

I also picked up this old wooden Christmas card holder for $3.00. Made in Japan and most likely some what vintage. Regardless, it's cute, no?

And a splurge for me, $4.50, was a large book called the Family Fireside Music Companion. Look how sweet the graphics are!

Part of me wants to keep it as is and part of me wants to cut it up for other projects. Tough decision.

I'll be heading out for a long weekend, everyone have a safe and spooky Halloween!

Boo ya ~ Rebecca


Quiltingranny said...

You simply must come sign up for my November giveaway...Moda Christmas fabric, quilting books, emboridery items, etc.

librarinan said...

Rebecca -- I was stunned when I read this -- I have forced myself to stay away from Sundays at Northern Thrift because I have no money to spare and no room for anything. But I was planning to go yesterday and then I saw this! I will try the other store -- it's sortof on my way to work (live in Huntington, work in Islip) since I cut through Brentwood sometimes when I am stopping at Entenmanns (3 bread products for $3 -- twin pack English Muffins, Arnold rolls & breads).

LA said...

OMG! I can't believe it. Northern was a fav of mine. Total bummer. :(


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