Sunday, October 04, 2009

Digging In

I love fall. It really sparks me to be creative. I was so worried that my back and leg problem would keep me from enjoying my favorite season but I'm feeling better and better every day. Tuesday I'll have my sutures out which to me starts the beginning of my road to better health. I can't wait to be "back to normal" and to start doing all those things I love about this time of year.

Yesterday dear Louie took me out to the thrift store, book store and craft store. My favorite Trifecta of Shopping. Nothing too exciting about the thrifts except these fun old canning jars:

I love these for storing things in the craft room and for using as fun containers for holiday gifts. Perhaps I'll stuff one with a sewing kit including a handmade needle book like the ones I made for friends a few years back:

That was such a fun project! I added them to traditional mason jars and made the tops into pin cushions. Perhaps with these glass topped jars I'll make one of these cute little crocheted pin cushions made from a bottle cap:

Earlier this summer I thrifted this lovely collection of vintage crochet cotton.

Don't you just love the colors? They would make adorable bottle cap pin cushions.

I also picked up the fall issues of some of my favorite crafting magazine and have already started both a knitting and a cross stitch project. (you KNOW I can't work on just one thing at once!) So as you can see, I am motivated to get a move on with my holiday crafty gifts. Anyone else start making for the holidays yet?

I realize that I have lots to catch up on so expect to hear from me more often. Next time: The BEST handcrafted piece of furniture you'll ever see.



Jane said...

So glad you are on the mend. This has really been a long road. I miss fall like crazy. I would like someone to truly bottle the smell of cool air, when the leaves are falling and people start having fires (not wildfires mind you) in their fireplaces.

Feather Gold said...

Hi missy!
You always score awesome stuff! Glad you're back and glad I'm back to the blog world!


RaNae @EweCreekCottage said...

Hey there glad you are progressing right along I wish the same for my husbands upcomming recovery.
Great finds and that sewing jar sounds so cute.

LVLC said...

puerto rican here! :)

I found your blog when looking for a pattern for a crocheted pin cushion just like the one you made! Did you do it yourself or is a pattern you found somewhere else? Do you use a bottle cap? I would love to know the pattern if you don't mind...


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