Monday, June 23, 2008

The Toy Maker

Hello all! Hope your summers are going well. :) I am doing pretty okay though I was a bit under the weather this weekend and spent a long time lying on the sofa yesterday. I started making a crocheted bunny. So far . . . eh. But we'll see. He is HUGE. I think once he has ears and a face I'll love him more. :)

Thanks for all the kind comments on my octopus! He was fun to make and I just love that color. I have some of that yarn left over so perhaps I'll make him a buddy in the opposite colors. Maybe a GIRL octopus. Oh la la!

So I am starting to feel that toy making is my forte*. I have made quite a few lately and really enjoy it. Mostly I have been following patterns but some are originals. This is my latest:

She is from Sew Pretty Homestyle. She is the bathroom angel (for lack of a better descriptor) but I didn't give her wings and I made her bathrobe from chenille instead of wool felt. I wanted to use fabric scraps I already had and I am happy with the way she came out! I will probably make her a friend, too.

Don't you love her tiny little slippers and her pig tails? I really enjoyed making her, sewing on her little arms and legs, creating her hairdo . . . what a weirdo! LOL

I have some pictures of swaps I've received to share as soon as I locate the pictures. I know I saved them somewhere.


* - I found an old notebook where I wrote "Crocheted Gloves: Is it my forte?" LOL Um, I'm thinking no, no it's not. ha ha ha ha


Natasha said...

She is lovely, I love that book and you did a fabulous job with her! I love her little lounge pants do they come in big sizes :)

Katherine said...

She's so sweet, Rebecca! I love this pattern too - especially for the details like the slippers. Great idea to use chenille for her robe.

Shara said...

She is a cutie! I thought of you when I was watching Martha the other day. A lady had made a knitted snake with its tongue sticking out, but when you pulled on the tongue, it was really a mouse with it's tail sticking out. It was super cute.

Melody said...

She is too cute! What she needs is a cup of coffee in her hand.

Got a name for her yet? She looks like a "Margaret".

Thanks for sharing.

LA said...

ADORABLE!!!!! I wuv her. I do think you might have found your forte. It is fun for you and wonderful for all the recipients.


Wendy said...

Your bathroom fairy is super cute!
Love the little slippers, and the robe is perfect!

ThriftyMum said...

The bathroom fairy is great; loved the octopus too! Just wanted to let you know that the hanky arrived, and it's gorgeous - thanks!! I especially love the little musical instruments in the corner :D

Barbara said...

Love that chenille bathrobe!

Linda said...

Hi Rebecca,
What a cutie a love the colours that you used and I think the chenille was a wonderful idea for her robe.
Cheers Linda

Erin said...

Hi Rebecca! I luve the Bathroom Angel - she is 2-cute! I received my package today and the Faith Austin hanky is really sweet, thanks so much! Erin "Blogger" Plumb

Dot said...

very cool! she looks like she was alot of fun to create..

Hey, i'm looking for cool crafty-chicks to profile on my blog. i didnt see a contact link, so email me at dot(at)dabbled(dot)org if you might be interested..



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