Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Under The Sea

First off . . . STUPID BLOGLINES!

I'm so glad to hear it was bloglines keeping everyone away from my shameless giveaway! LOL So what I want to do is have another! I hope to update the shop soon and will hold another giveaway. I have quite a few more of those hankies to spread around! I may not do the updates until after July 4th as I'll be away for a while but we'll see. I have some fun stuff still to list. :)

Thank you guys so much for the support! Hope to have more fun vintage goodies up in the Goodness Shop soon! And maybe my sister will get some of her goodness up there, too. :)

So look what I made:

He's supposed to be an octopus but I couldn't figure out where to put his eyes. Plus I made his tentacles a bit frilly with some picot edging and that gives him a very jelly fish appearance. :) The pattern is from the current issue of Crochet Today. There isn't much more in that issue I would make unfortunately. He is made from Paton's Grace and he jingles! I took the suggestion of my buddy Catherine and stuffed one of those cat toy balls with the bells in them inside. It's a but muffled but it does the job. He's a gift for a sweet little boy who turned one in March. :)



Paula said...

He's sweet! That little guys going to love him.

flanthrower said...

Cute toy! Yes, I've noticed that bloglines has been having some serious issues lately! There are a couple of blogs that fell off my radar because of bloglines. The perils of technology!

Unknown said...

So it wasn't just me having issues with Bloglines! Grrr. I got all of your recent posts in one big chunk. Your blog wasn't the only one--there were a few others I read that did the same thing. How annoying! The shop has darling stuff. :) I think this guy looks more like a jelly fish too. I love the colors you used!

Jodi Ohl said...

Please enter me in your drawing-love your creations!!

I'm actually away from home but saw your email before I left--the print you inquired about is here:

If you want it, convo me and I'll reduce the price to 10.00 for you :)

Mom IsAmagpie said...

What a wonderful octopus. I have a super soft spot for knit and crocheted toys, and sea creatures. This is a fabulous example of both. I love Crochet Today, I saw the newest issue yesterday and nothing grabbed me but I didn't see this. Back to the store I shall go.

Natasha said...

Oh he is really cute! I too love the colors.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Hi Rebecca, I haven't visited in ages-shame on me. Just love the octopus. I'm just getting back into crocheting and I have a 1+ year old grandson who would love that so I am going to have to get after that pattern. Glad to see you're still around.

Chris in NH

Kai said...

EEEEEEKS! Great MINDS! I am halfway through making that octopus, too! I saw in Crochet Today & HAD to try it! Fun project, isn't it? AND I DOOOOOOO want to be included in your drawing! Pretty please? (What else are you making from that particular issue? I'm making 2 other things!)

Dot said...

Great octopus! I'm collecting some links on sea creatures for a post, and I'm definitely including yours!

In the future, I'd probably put the eyes close to the bottom of the head (similar to this or maybe a little lower )


Kate Eleanore Higgins said...

Please make me an octopus. Please.


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