Friday, June 13, 2008

The Shameless Gveaway

Okay trusty readers, I need your help. If you would be so kind as to mention The Goodness Shop on your blogs and link to it I'll enter you into a drawing for these three lovely vintage Faith Austin hankies:

Oh I love that one with the pineapples on it! :)

So if you wouldn't mind givin' me a little shout out on your blogs I would appreciate it! Am I asking too much? :)

Visit The Goodness Shop

Today I listed some lovely things:

Vintage lace, buttons, playing cards, linen napkins and gloves.

Vintage cupcake picks and more hankies including a few of the Faith Austin hankies. :)

So please, pimp me out! Then leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can come check you out! On Monday I'll pick a winner for the three hankies.

And for those of you without blogs I'll have another hankie giveaway next week!

Oh and if you make a purchase from the shop mention that you read my blog, my sister's blog or Sweet Goodness Swaps and I'll include a free gift with your order!


PS - I'm still making stuff, just very slowly. The summer makes me lazy, lol.


ThriftyMum said...

Great minds...? I just wrote a post drooling over your vintage lace and stationery :D Especially the stationery - a total weakness of mine that I can't currently afford to indulge :( I hope it goes to a deserving home!


Jane said...

No time to post stuff...too busy shopping!! Did add a side bar link tho.

Head buzzing with ideas of how to use my new goodness!

Erin said...

you're one of my favorite blog stops - gave you a little shout out today!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Hi! I just bought the sweet gloves. I forgot to mention in my etsy order that of course I read your blog -- how else would I have known about those gloves? (LOL)


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