Monday, March 10, 2008


I wish I had taken my camera to the thrift stores on Saturday. I could have shown you the dangers of not thrifting for a few weeks and how you, well maybe just I, feel the need to fill the basket to the top to make up for it!

So I'm guessing someone cleaned out their sewing room and sent it all the the thrift and I made out like a bandit! I bought a huge stack of fabric and a bag of nice ribbon and trims.

Most of the pieces you see here were 99 cents and nothing I bought was under 2 yards. I'm trying to come up with a project for those two big pieces of corduroy (black and red.) They are very soft and I have about 4 yards of each.

Sorry the pictures are dark, we had tons of rain over the weekend. Three nice cotton prints, two cowboy motifs and one rocket ship. Not sure what I'll do with them but I couldn't leave them behind. :)

There are about 4 yards of this heavy upholstery fabric. It blends in with my decor very well. I'm planning to cover a small foot stool I have and perhaps make some seat cushions for my dining room chairs. I'm nervous to sew it on the machine as it's so thick but we'll see.

These are my two favorites. The cherry pattern is cotton and the blue is linen, I think, and there is a lot of it. Too bad I can't make clothes, it would be cute as a skirt. Once everything was washed inspiration hit and I turned the cherries into these:

Such terrible lighting, I know. But the curtains came out nice and I had enough for this window on the kitchen door and one panel for the small window over the sink.

So my sewing is progressing! I also cut some squares for that quilt and worked on another project I'll share soon.

Oh and I emailed Jenn earlier to say I thought of her this weekend while sewing. It was mostly because while I was working I had Star Wars on the TV and I knew only she would appreciate the combo of crafting and Han Solo. ;) LOL



Jenn Maruska said...

Ah, the Force was certainly with you this weekend!

I think you hit the fabric thrifting jackpot - and the curtains... wonderful! So cheery! : D

You are now a sewing Jedi.

Unknown said...

Love the rocketship fabric! And the cherry fabric is PERFECT as curtains! Absolutely perfect. I love it!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

The cowboy fabric is the best ever! I love it most! The cute cherry curtains turned out great!

LA said...

The curtains are adorable. Well done, you. I always like a cherry pattern like that in the kitchen.

Methinks the cowboy fabric may come in handy this summer!?!?

Cheers! LA

Vallen said...

Chick, if you can make those curtains you can make a skirt - easy peasy.

Sarah and Jack said...

The curtains turned out so well! I usually dread curtains because of the hem, lol.

Heidi said...

Wow. What a load! I love those curtains!

Your package arrived today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will post it later this week. Love everything!

wayfarer said...

Very nice curtains! LOVE that rocket fabric. I've been trying to find rocket fabric like that! I don't like the prints i keep running into. Nice thrifting day! I can't seem to find fabric lately thrifting. :-/

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I have the SAME cherry fabric that I sewed into a curtain above my kitchen simk too!!!! How cool is that!!!! I need to take pictures to send you. They match the awesome cherry dishes too :-)

Lappesola said...

You CAN sew! Just look at those gorgeous curtains you made. Clothes next. Just start with something simple like a skirt.

Jane said...

Look at you go! The curtains are awesome!

Sewing-Chick said...

I am so jealous.... thrifted cowboy and cherry fabrics! Two of my favs! Way to go :)


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