Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Now I know everyone probably knows about Technorati but you know me, I totally don't pay attention. Anyway, I looked my self up and I'm ranked 150,747 of all the blogs LOL. That cracked me up for some reason. (Just put your blog address in teh search to find out where you rank!)

I also noticed at the bottom of the page it has where your blog is linked to on other sites. Boy, there are some fine people out there who count me as a favorite read and I didn't even know!! Here are a few:

Way Out West

The Hem Line

Thrift Shop Romantic

3 Wild Trout

There are loads of others, too. It's so nice to be appreciated. I'm off to visit these blogs and others.

Later this week, some fun thrifty finds from the weekend.



Unknown said...

where on Technorati do you do this? I went to the website but there's so much stuff I couldn't figure it out.

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for the link! Apparently I had my head in the sand along with you LOL 'cause I haven't heard about it!

Joanne Brown said...

Never heard of it either! But I'm a very, very pityful 2, 124 846, lol :) oh, the shame!! :)

Jenn Thorson said...

Oh, gosh, thanks for the link, Rebecca. I'm a bit of a lurker and had found your site through Ms. A at Living Without Money (who always has nice things to say about you, by the way) and TheThriftshopper.com (I'm a moderator there).

Technorati IS helpful to a point. It has some updating issues sometimes, though, so it's not always as current as you'd hope. Have fun with it-- and thanks again!

Monica said...

Hmm I have to look at this site!!!

Wendy said...

Never heard of this, thanks! I'll try again, but I couldn't figure it out either! But I am sure your not surprised to hear that.
Oh, and I love your Easter stuff!

Mama Said Sew said...

I just registered my blog on Technorati. My blog is ranked at 629,416. :}


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