Thursday, March 13, 2008

treasures . . .

So I'm sure you know that I didn't just get the fabric and the fabulous milk glass on my last thrift-o-spree right? Of course. One thing I went looking for were a few Easter decorations.

I can't help it but I love that bunny basket. I think he was $3 and totally worth it. Not sure what I'll do with him yet, perhaps make him the grand centerpiece? What should go in him? The possibilities are endless. :) The other basket is that thin papery wood, balsa perhaps, of all cheap Easter baskets but that's soft chenille wound in with it. Not sure if this is old or not but it's pretty cute. I was intending it as my niece's basket but might be greedy and keep it for myself. The bag inside are the nice ribbon scraps I mentioned the other day. In the front there are some handmade Easter things that were all in a bag together for $2. The pink bunny and little chick are my favorite and are made from pom poms and walnut shells.

Does anyone else remember walnut crafts? LOL These two will find a place on my Easter Tree that I hope to get out this weekend.

Now I know I've seen that house wife cheese grater somewhere else before. I had to snatch her up even though I can't for the life of me remember the last time I even used a cheese grater. The salt and pepper shakers say Japan on the bottom and still have their rubber stoppers. In fact they still had salt and pepper in them. Yuck. The basket is one for silverware and napkins and should get some use at Easter brunch and the pot is Dansk enamelware. It goes perfectly with my Le Creuset:

I paid $8 for the Dansk pot and $7 for that yellow Le Creuset in the middle there. I won't tell you how much that bouillabaisse pot on the bottom was but it weighs about 25 pounds and still gets tons of use. I guess I'm a bit of an enamelware lover.

How funny that inanimate objects can bring use such joy. :) And just looking at my treasures again has given me the taste for the hunt. Bring on the weekend!



Jennifer said...

Your cheese grater is 'great' - excuse the pun! I wouldn't have passed her up either. And your pots are great - I am so wanting a Le Creuset pot. What steals they were!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

You must put eggs in the bunny basket! Like fancy ones or wooden ones or something along that line. Or you could do like grandma, put some easter grass in it and fill it with CANDY!

Vallen said...

I am so envious of you enameled pans. I usually find them the worse for wear and way over priced. Good shopping, girl!!!

Shara said...

Oh! The Bean and I made walnut shell turtles last week. I felt like an old lady, "We made these back when I was a kid," I told him. They're still cute!

That cheese grater is great (even though someone else already said that.......)

Jane said...

I love all your recent finds! Can you spread that thrifting luck? I haven't had too much luck lately and I never find anything like the grater or the cake plate!

Breanna said...

I ADORE that cheese grater!

Jodi Ohl said...

love all the treasures--i heart enamelwere too...great stuff!!

Monica said...

The cheese grater is so cool!!!! I have been using a grater lately!! i would've gotten her!!!


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