Monday, May 01, 2006


So, we experienced a first this weekend! L's first trip to the thrift store! I lured him with the promise of breakfast. :) We got into the store (Hempstead Savers, still far from my favorite thrifting spot but the only half way decent one near by) and he decided to head off to the Men's clothes. He came back almost immediately with this:

This is a brand new version of L's favorite sweater. He has both this version and an off-white version as well. He lurves them. ;) He washes them by hand and folds them neatly in the closet. Sometimes he takes them out just to say hello. So it was total thrifting karma when he spotted this one, tags still on, within two minutes of his very first thrifting excursion!

Gas to West Hempstead: $5
Brunch at Cheesecake Factory: $35
Thrifted Ralph Lauren American Flag sweater with the tags still on: $10
L finally "getting" the thrifting thing: PRICELESS :)
I, too, found a few goodness but nothing nearing such Thrifting euphoria as L.

blue "pashmina" style shawl - soft and hardly used - $3
green glass dish - stamped with "made in Cleveland, OH" on the bottom - $3
4 blue and white 5 inch dishes - $4
silver & glass plate - $2

corduroy holly patterned material - approx 2 yards - $3
quilted fabric - approx 1 yard - $1

Not a bad day, I even had a 30% off coupon (which made L's magic sweater only $7)! The cashier was kind enough to give me another 30% off coupon to use before May 14th. Perhaps L will want to come, too. :)

Until next time . . . Bex


Anonymous said...

L, I'm so glad you have finally joined the ranks of Thrifters! It's been a long time coming. We've hoped, we've prayed, and clearly it worked - your favorite sweater has a buddy to keep it company when it's just hanging out in the closet, to keep its place warm on the shelf when you're wearing it. I'm going to have a moment of silence in honor of yet anothere person joining us in the quest for the perfect thrift....Nina

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