Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Craft Book Jack Pot

My Mom called yesterday from the thrift store and said she found craft books for $1. She sent a picture today and what a deal!

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Jo Verso's Complete Cross Stitch Course
A Victorian Floral Alphabet (cross stitch)
In My Mother's Garden: An American Sampler (cross stitch)
Donna Cooler's Crocheted Afghans
Donna Cooler's Seasons in Cross Stitch
Country Style Painted Wood Objects
100 Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments
Victorian Lace Crochet

Thanks, Mom!



Anonymous said...

I love that your mom is such a great thrifter too! What a great find! -9

Monica said...

coooool look at his link I got!!!

Just put in zip code 11762 for thrift shops around where i live



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