Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Ghost of Thrifting Past

Over at Woof Nanny, Barb started a Share a Past Project Thursday. Well how about some past thrifting, too? The best thing about thrifting is taking what you've found and using it in your day to day life. I love to turn old things into new but isn't it also nice to just use it as is?

I looked around the hosue last night and spotted two thrifted items that i just adore.

This wall sconce cost about $3 and was already painted white. I liked the shabby look of it so I didn't change a thing. It hangs on the sunporch.

You can also see the top of a thrifted metal chair Mom picked up recovered the seat for me.

This, I believe, started it's life as a planter.

It is now repurposed as a wash cloth holder in my powder room. Nice and only $2!

Thrift thrift . . . away!


PS - visit my other blog for a past knitting project!


Anonymous said...

I realize that it's not good to covet thy neighbor's thrifts, but I LOVE THAT WALL SCONCE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have searched high and love for rockin' wall sconces (against chocolate brown walls - how great would that be?!), but alas... to no avail. Some day they will be mine. Oh yes... they WILL be mine! (They're probably hanging out somewhere with my metal floral design shabby chic dream chandelier!) -Nina

Monica said...

I still have to tell you the long island thrifts, i have to make a list!

woof nanny said...

Share past thrifts: love that idea! Hmmm...I may have to look around and see what I've got. I tend to buy stuff for other people, so I can't think of my best finds right now. Other than my beloved Volcom sweats. I may have to do a post on this though. Fun!

zelia said...

that wall sconce is so pretty! great find!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I envy ou for finding that sconce.


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