Friday, February 15, 2013


Wow, where does the time go? That is the clue that I need to slowdown and look around. :) I've been a little crafty! I love making toys with dolls being my favorite. Maybe. It's hard to choose. Elephants are cute, too. My Current project is indeed an elephant.

Here's a sneak peek at my latest creation. I'll post more tomorrow once I unearth the camera.

What should we name her?


Unknown said...

CoCo! As in CoCo Chanel, with her pearls and dark hair!

ThriftyGirl51 said...

She reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor and Mrs. Beasley !
Really cute. used to make dolls too : )

Serena said...

How about Sylvie or Sylvia?

BTW, given your love for making stuffed dolls and animals, have you ever heard of Hillary Lang, the author of the book, "Wee Wonderfuls?" She has a blog by the same name: Like you, she has a fondness for making all things stuffed.


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