Friday, February 22, 2013

The Infamous Glass Tile Pendants

Tile pendants are all over Pinterest these days. My sister made some a while back and was gracious enough to show me her source for supplies and give me quick instructions. Mandi has been making a lot of gorgeous jewelry lately. Check out her blog Handi Dandi and shop her creations at The Goodness Shop. Next I'll share the funky turquoise and gold beaded necklace she made me from new supplies and some fun vintage finds.

I knew I wanted to make some necklaces for Sarah's Heart to Heart Swap this year. I always want to join this swap but never seem to get it together in time to craft after Christmas. There are always some unique interpretations of the "Valentine" for this swap and I wanted to make sure to measure up and thought these pendants would be fun. To check out all of the swap Valentines click HERE to visit Shara for a roundup.

 photo IMG_38662_zps9fef9476.jpg

I used some paper from a Martha Stewart Valentine's Day paper pad I purchased last year because I couldn't resist the cuteness. The page I used had several 1 inch designs that looked like stamps. I think the Love pattern was my favorite but I used other images as well:

 photo IMG_3865_zps259488c9.jpg

The bails I used were silver and shaped like hearts and I alternated between silver and hot pink ball chain depending on the design.

 photo IMG_3863_zpsb03703c4.jpg

I packaged them up on some pretty Simply Shabby Chic tags I found in the two dollar section at Michaels and tucked them into plastic goody bags. I also had some Valentine stamp stickers from that same Martha line and I used those to seal up the back.

These pendants were fun to make and very affordable to make in bulk. All of the supplies (except for the paper and tools) are from Sun and Moon Craft Kits. Please check out my latest article on the Examiner for details on how to make your own pendants by clicking HERE.

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