Friday, July 27, 2012

Country Fair Bingo

So I went looking for where I posted about our first Annual Bingo Party last summer and couldn't find it. Hmm. Really? I never showed the goodness that was Beach Blanket Bingo? Sigh . . . my blogging needs work. Anyway, LAST year we started a new tradition of a summer bingo party. You know we need a theme right? Well as I said we did Beach Blanket Bingo last year with a beachy 60s theme. When it was such a success we decided to do it again this year with a new theme. We tossed a few things around and landed on Country Fair Bingo. Who doesn't like gingham, corn dogs and watermelon? Here's a quick visit to our fabulous party . . .

Grab a mason jar for your drink. Topped with a cupcake liner and a paper straw these were a huge hit. Found HERE on Pinterest.

Fill your jar with Sangria Flora, a delicious recipe from St. Germain found HERE.

Don't forget to grab a cone for a chance to win! Created by my mom, these adorable cones contained old fashioned candies, little carnival style prizes, a scratch off lottery ticket and . . .

Fake mustaches. Here are a few of my cousins. I'm sure you can tell why I adore them. :) And because no post is complete with out a sweet picture of my nephew:

Baby with a mustache, need I say more? (I'll pause here so you can laugh and coo about how funny and cute this picture is.)

Everyone got a sweet fan designed and made by my sister. Most ended up using them to announce their winning bingos so the thoughts are next year to make some that say bingo or winner perhaps.

We set a table up with all the bingo supplies and this is where I spent a good part of my day. That is until someone else took over . . .

Yes, that is my husband getting into the spirit. He even wore a Winner Crown I made for bingo last year.

Here is the other crown I made. These are a blast to create and I'll get into more about them later.

No party is complete without cupcakes. Based on THESE by Bakerella. Yes, ours aren't nearly as cute. Funny how that happens.

Another fun dessert, this time handpies from Country Living. We used empanada shells instead of making pie crust in the interest of time. They were good though I think more sugar in the filling next time, they were a little tart.

I hope you enjoyed Country Fair Bingo. There was a request for International Bingo next year to give us the excuse to make a lot of yummy food. Bring it on.


Unknown said...

I've been dying to try those snow cone cupcakes! I even ordered tiny spoons on Etsy. Yours are cute!

acorn hollow said...

It looks so fun! Great ideas.


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