Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finds & Fun

Last weekend I was lucky to host two of my best girlfriends for a fun weekend in New York City. We dined al fresco in the back yard (in the rain), shopped until we dropped on Fifth Avenue and drank enough St. Germain to choke the entire French Foreign Legion.

On our excursion to our favorite places we also hit up a few new destinations including the lovely Laduree.

Now, I know macaroons are all the rage but I have personally never had one. To me they look like meringue which I don't care for. I know that is not what they are made of but still, I'm not supposed to eat a lot of sweets away and this was a good excuse to stay away. Well . . .

Pardon the fuzzy on this, we were delirious with happiness. (and the camera was on the wrong setting) These are probably the best treats I have ever had. Those above would be green apple, pistachio (my personal fave), black current and violet & rose. OH. BOY. I'm a true convert and an addict now. It is good that Laduree is not too close to my office or I'd be sneaking over there at lunch. I can taste the pistachio now . . .

We also happened by MacKenzie-Childs. It is like walking into the Mad Hatters ome. I was in love.

I only managed to take this one photo of a chair but I about died when I saw this cake carrier:

Pricey yes, but divine. Now imagine all that flower enamelware mixed with black and white check pottery adn those divine brightly striped chairs, pillows and foot stools. That is what is like inside the store. :)

On Sunday we went to the Elephants Trunk Flea Market. Here are my finds:

A sweet pair of Japanese Kokeshi for my collection. There are about 6 inches tall where all of mine are only 3 inches or so. I love their colors.

Vintage books including two Bobbsey Twins and this one:

I love the cover. I also snagged another enamel flower pin for my collection and feww doll house goodies.

I hit up the flea the week before, too, but never got around to posting the goodies:

Two sweet satin flower dresser boxes, I always pick these up. Both pretty and functional.

And a lovely 1950s pink bird pitcher. I know I spotted this on a blog recently and I was tickled to find my own. So far I've been enjoying my trips to Connecticut to dig through the junk but this weekend will be a scorcher so I think I'll take a week off. :)

I was sorry to see my girsl go but the weekend was divine. Until the next time mes amies!


Serena said...

Actually, the outside of those French macarons are meringue. Like you, I normally don't go for meringue, but I love macarons.

Carol Lee said...

I love it when i found places like this. In fact i considered it as a gold mine. Being thrifty is a good personal investing move.


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