Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hello! Is anyone still out there? I've been meaning to post each night this week but I've been running around like a crazy person and then sleeping like the dead. Hmm. Well the weekend is here and I'm finally getting a chance to share with you the finds from last week's trip to the thrift:

Two aprons! The one on the right is a Vera. I've never seen an apron though I'm happy to add it to my collection of Vera scarves, napkins and table cloths. The other one is a very fine gauzy fabric and I love the gingham trim.

Cute, right? This thrift store seems to often have aprons and I'm hoping to reach my goal of 12 vintage red and/or Christmas aprons by November. :)

A box of Congress playing cards in the cutest seashell pattern. AND the cards are still sealed so I don't even need to count to see if they are all there. This may be my favorite set of these to date.

A few more craft supplies including this wide trim and a large roll of silky pink ribbon. I love these old rolls of ribbon, there is always a lot on there and it's soft and makes for nice bows.

Do you remember that one of the things I search out are certain patterns of Culver bar ware? I mention I mean BABBLE about them here and here. I was VERY excited to find these pieces and at only 99 cents a piece it all came home with me:


You can see more of my collection here under the very dusty hutch:

(How does the dust get in there??) I love to haul this out for holiday cocktails. So festive! All in all a good trip and I also donated a few bags of clothes and books and that always makes me feel like I accomplished something.

I don't think I'll be out at the thrift this weekend but hope to sneak in a trip in Baltimore when we head down Thursday. My nephew was set to arrive last Thursday but is late as he is waiting for his Auntie to be there to make his big entrance. :)

Cheers ~ Rebecca


Unknown said...

I love seashell cards. And the glasses are SO pretty! Great find!

Quiltingranny said...

Just love pretty glasses!

Mom IsAmagpie said...

The aprons are fantastic!!! All of your stuff is but I am uber jealous that you find aprons, my local thrift is awesome but never an apron! humph...
: )

Miss Mary said...

Wonderful finds! East coast thrifting makes me drool. Here, in the desert Southwest, I rarely find aprons. And, I have never seen those glasses either. *sigh*


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