Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pick Up Sticks

As you know, I've been lacking in the crafty department lately. For some reason I just can't seem to focus. I spend more time staring off into space (or at the TV) instead of creating and it's driving me crazy! My new job takes up a lot of time and I know that is factor but come on! I need to get in gear, right?

While at the retreat in Los Angeles I had some time to myself one morning while Luis was attending the business meeting portion. It was a little over cast so I parked myself on the terrace with my Nook and figured to fill a few hours reading. I'd only been sitting there a few moments when someone asked me if I liked my Nook. Enter Heli, my new BFF.

Heli on the left, me on the right, heading to a nice dinner the night we met.

Heli's husband also won the trip and was in the business meeting as well. She and her family live in Nashville and we get along like a house on fire. She reads, she knits, she crochets . . . oh yes, she is like me but Southeast! :)

We spent the rest of the week together enjoying the dinners, spa and pool with the husbands in tow (who bonded over a water slide adventure) and were sad to say goodbye at the end of the weekend. Fortunately we have email, texting and Facebook and all that good social networking to keep in touch. We hope to visit each other as well. I can't wait!

I helped Heli learn to knit cables in about 2 minutes by the pool fire pit one night. She picked it up so quickly and has already made an adorable cabled Nook cover. Inspired by my new BFF I pulled out some knitting books and got to work:

I've been wanting to make this giraffe forever and the first thing that caught my eye in the yarn bin was some lovely orange cotton. So I drug out the DPNs and got to work. I hope to share my finished toy soon. I also hope that my inspiration lingers and I finish the oh two or FIVE half done knitting projects laying around here as well.

So thank you BFF for getting me back in crafty form. I miss you!

cheers ~ rr


Elise said...

Oh my word, how fun!! When you come Southward to visit, just come a little further down...;)
Can't wait to see the giraffe!!

My Daily Creation said...

Great blog! Knitting is an art I need to learn. What a great way to go about it, by the fire with your bff!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love your blog! what a great post about new friends..knitting, reading and crafting! plus a vacation!

Very Mary said...

Um, hi. You are SO cute!


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