Monday, October 11, 2010

New Thrift Store!

How excited am I that the new thrift store I visited this weekend is actually a GOOD one? Oh . . . very excited. I'd been hearing radio spots for Unique Thrift Store for a few weeks. It wasn't too far away and they were having 50% off of everything at their grand opening sale. Of course I was skeptical of any thrift store that advertises. Plus it's attached to one of those dealer type flea markets that just isn't my thing. But since I was headed out anyway and it wasn't too far our of the way I decided to check it out. I'm so glad I did! It's huge and priced like a regular thrift store and not an antique store. It's well organized and has dressing rooms which is very helpful when purchasing clothes. My total bill was $22. What did I find?

While there wasn't too much vintage I was very happy to find these sweet cake toppers. Most likely these will end up on Etsy but I'll keep a few for myself.

This is a nice linen table cloth that has both cross stitch and a crocheted border.

I also found the nice apron in the back, two little black bags and a handful of DMC Perle Cotton.

These are just some of the misc. things I picked up. Not shown are two puzzles, another vintage corsk screw and some spools of ribbon.

Two of my favorite finds were found last minute in a basket of jewelry right at the register. Regularly priced at 69 cents each, I was happy to snag this vintage Monet tassle necklace and a ridiculously cute pink tug boat barrette.

Will I be going back? Oh you betcha. This store is much closer than the one I usually go to and the prices, even without the 50% off, are better.

Please take moment to check out my latest article HERE. Rebecca Henry at Pink Pearl Studio shares  instructions on making an adorable vintage style Halloween Banner. If you have Halloween crafts to share, please drop me a line! I'd love to feature them.

cheers ~ RR

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Unknown said...

Unique is my FAVE local thrift, hands down! It's huge (occupies a space that used to be a grocery store) and neat and clean. The prices are great and they always have a TON of merchandise. I very rarely walk out empty-handed--I was there on Thursday, in fact! Got some good stuff. :)

I don't know if they do it at your store, but here they have a VIP club you can sign up for. You get 25% on Thursdays with your card and if you give them your email sometimes you get other special sale alerts. You just reminded me it's 50% off there today! But I bet it's a ZOO so I might have to pass.


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