Monday, September 13, 2010


Hello all! Where did the summer go? As you know, I'm sooo ready for fall but it was nice to spend a week in the Outer Banks soaking up the sun. Now it's back to reality and already I feel overwhelmed. Don't you hate that? All that relaxation just washed away but the rigors of day to day life. Sigh . . . so let's reminisce, shall we?

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse was just half a mile from our beach house. It's located in a lovely little park with a gorgeous view of the Currituck Sound and some sweet little shops. Luis climbed up the 216 steps to the observation deck. I stayed safely on the ground once I heard you had a sign a waiver that the light house wasn't a sound structure!

We also went to Kill Devil Hills to see the spot where the Wright Brothers made the first flight.

We climbed up to the monument where you can see the sound and the ocean plus the field with markers of the flights.

On our last day of the trip we rented a jeep and went on a tour of Swan Beach.

Luis was very excited to try his hand at 4 wheeling in the sand. :)

Oh how I love the self portrait! :) The beach houses a wildlife preserve which is home to a herd of wild horses. They are not shy and come right up to the cars!

There were a few new members and we were lucky to get to see two of the colts up close. So cute!

Ahh . . . vacation. Now it's back to real life and work. At least until our trip to Los Angeles in October. :) In the mean time I'll try to get some crafting going on. I joined the Halloween Crown swap at My So Called Junky Life. My partner is Samantha from Altered Art Junkies. I can't wait to get started!

Stop by and read my latest article at the Examiner. You can find it HERE. It features one of my favorite crafting authors, Tone Finnanger, who has a new Christmas book coming out next month. I'm so ready to start on my holiday projects, how about you?


Quiltingranny said...

I am so happy that you have healed and are healing and that life is being good to you. I also life close and work closer to a light house and like you...won't walk up the steps...back won't let me, but my grands are doing it next summer!
Keep on moving Becca, you bless my soul!

Elise said...

Um, no way would I have gone up in that lighthouse either...You look so cute in that hat!!
Christmas crafting-haven't even thought of it, but I am doing a "Vintage Barn Sale" with a friend next weekend-we are hosting it-and have been making and redoing things for it. Then, the first weekend in Nov. I am doing a craft show. AND I want to start a non-business doll making business{?} to make dolls for the children on the diabetes floor at the hospital Lilly stayed at. I'll be blogging about that idea soon...
Hope you are doing well!!


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