Thursday, May 13, 2010

And the Thrifting was Good . . .

So I went out on my own this week. This is a big deal since I've almost been afraid to do it for fear of my ankle flaring up or some such mishap. I braved the subway on Tuesday and drove for the first time in four months yesterday. Where did I go with my new found courage? To the thrift store, naturally. :)

Now on to the finds:

The yarn gods smiled on me again. Most of this was in a bag for $3.00 and I could only see that it was cotton so I tossed it on the cart.

Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic yarn! Seven skeins of black and one of a funky tweed. These are about $6.50 each and too rich for my blood so I'm fairly happy with this find. I also snagged a skein of Cascade Rustic for 99 cents. No clue what I'll make with just this little bit of yarn but what a fun challenge!

I also found a whole bag of these cotton spun doves. I'll probably keep a few but plan to put the rest in the shop. I mean really, what would I do with like 12 of these things?? :)

One of my favorite finds of the day are these two vintage tea towels. I hardly ever find any worthy linens at the thrift anymore and that one with the polka dots and the Dutch girl just makes me squeal!

And last but not least, a round table cloth in my very favorite Waverly Garden Rose pattern for only $4.00! I snatch up everything I can find in this pattern. It used to be readily available at Target but was discontinued some time ago. You can find items on Ebay but the prices are much too high for me!

So not a bad trip, eh? I didn't mention the big roll of ribbon and several books I scored, too.

So I have 5 takers in Craft Challenge #3 and still have some cards left if you'd like to get in on it. Leave me a comment here or on the original post and make sure I have your email address so I can contact you about sending out the card. For those of you already signed up, I'll drop the cards in the mail tomorrow!

Also please take a moment to read my article on the Lion Brand Yarn Studio and don't forget to flip through the slide show at the bottom for a peek inside. It really is a fabulous store that I'll be visiting often. I appreciate your taking the time to support my new Examiner column!

Fondly ~ Rebecca


Unknown said...

Great finds! I love the tea towels! I rarely find good vintage linens around here anymore either. What's up with that? Do we have more competition or something?

Kai said...

Had already read your article & loved it! I'm a huge Lion Brand fan, by the way! As for your finds, WOOOHOOO! Great job, Rebecca! That tablecloth is to die for & I love, love, love the tea towels!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Great score on the yarn. Love the tea towels and birds. The birds remind me of Christmas with my mom. We used to stick a few of those in the tree.

Diane said...

A dutch girl AND polka dots?? Major score. All that yarn too?! It was worth the risky adventure out!


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