Friday, April 30, 2010

Finds! Finally :)

My husband surprised me yesterday by offering to drive me to the thrift store. Since I broke my right leg I'm still not able to shuttle myself around by car so this was a real treat! Of course he had me make him a sandwich which he ate in the car while I was in the thrift. Hmm . . .

Anyway, on to the finds! I am limited in my thrifty spending and promised myself to keep it under $20. I decided to just hit my favorite sections instead of a full on thrift. So linens first . . . eh . . . nothing. Boo. Onto bags of kitchen stuff. Score!

A whole bag of vintage biscuit cutters. The bag ended up being like 75 cents and had both fluted and round cutters. Some are a little rusty but may clean up. This was an especially good find since Not So Humble Pie just posted on how to make the most adorable ice cream sandwiches using cutters just like these! Stop by and visit, the photos and recipes are to die for!

Now onto the bags of miscellaneous crap. Some of my favorite finds of all times have been scored in these random bags. This trip again proved that this was a place to spend some time digging:

These are little metallic beads on wire. I love the colors and who knows what I'll do with them but they were 50 cents for the whole lot! I'm picturing some sort of crown . . .

A small bag of trims that contained some really cute things! Don't you just love that silver braided one? There is maybe a yard of it but I'm sure to put it to good use. Totally worth the whole dollar I spent on this bag.

Yarn! There were tons of this in many bags, each costing $3. I picked up two and this photo only shows half of what I came home with. I believe it's wool and it will need to be wound into balls before I can use it but I think it's a good deal for $6 and gives me something new to work with. I'm loving the orange and grey combo, too!

A bag of random craft items proved to be better than I thought. The fusible webbing is what drew me in and since the bag was only $2.50 I figured it was worth it. Inside I found several new packages of aida fabric, included a pre-finished bell-pull, and some lovely DMC Pearle cotton. I love it when it's even better than you thought it would be.

My next stop was the CD rack. I only recently started perusing the CDs and wonder what took me so long? I picked up three CDS for only $1.50 each as they were half price that day. That's the cost of ONE SONG on iTunes these days. What did I pick up?

Rain Dogs by Tom Waits

Music by Madonna

I Get A Kick Out Of You: Cole Porter Songbook Vol. 2 which includes Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and others. I LOVE this CD already.

And my last stop? The jewelry counter, of course.

Isn't it dear? And it, too, was half price and only cost me a mere $2.50. So my total? $18 and change. Not bad, eh? Now I'm off to play with my new crafty supplies!

Take a moment and visit my latest Examiner article on the The Little Shop of Crafts located right here in Manhattan!

ciao bellas ~ Rebecca

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Unknown said...

Good stuff! A nice trip to get you back into junking. :) The biscuit cutters are so cool! They'd look neat piled in a jar on your counter. Love the sparkly brooch too.

Kai said...

WOW! You got some GREAT finds, girl! That yarn alone would have originally cost the just-over-$18 you spent on EVERYTHING! I NEEEEED to go crafting with YOU! And, what??? No more articles? Booooo! I've really been enjoying them! Good job on the writing AND the junking! Now I have to go check out the ice cream sammies.

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

yay for thrifting!

Very Mary said...

Bravo for sticking to your budget!


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