Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sigh . . . I am tired. I hurt my leg some how and it's a very painful injury. I decided to stop being stubborn and am seeing my doctor tomorrow. I doubt there is much they can do for me but cross your fingers!

So I am taking a mini hiatus. I will be back the week of August 10th. Please continue to sign up for the swap here and I'll send partners out after the 7th.

On a fun note, we went to my husband's cousin's engagement lunch on Sunday. After everyone had eaten they announced they had a surprise and put everyone on a bus. They took us to this cute little reception hall and had a wedding! What a surprise! The couple decided 3 days before the lunch just to get married that day since their friends and family were all going to be together. It was a lovely ceremony and reception. I can't beleive they pulled it off in such a short period of time!

Congratulations to my "cousins in law" Godfrey and Jinna!

Until August . . .

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ThriftyMum said...

Hi Rebecca,

Hope your leg improves... my email is cfb42@hotmail.com; a swap with the Netherlands sounds great!



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