Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Thrift is Out There

I'm slightly re-obsessed with the X-Files as of late. I saw the new movie and was pretty disappointed so I've been watching classic episodes to make it go away. :) That reminded me of Halloween 1999 when my friend Alex and I dressed up as Agents Mulder & Scully.

We had fake cellphones, rubber gloves and those little flash lights. I made up those handy FBI badges, too. We would walk into a bar (we did a pub crawl) and people would yell "Scully!" Alex stuck by me all night because he said when we were separated he looked like a business man lol. I was actually sad to hang up my "Scully coat" that night.

In the X-Files Agent Mulder is constantly searching for "The Truth." Well around here I am constantly searching for "The Thrift."

China serving pieces. A steal at a church thrift for $3 for both pieces plus 5 small dessert bowls. The simple pattern goes nicely with my other pieces and it's nice to find serving pieces! I especially like the gravy boat/bowl on top. I also picked up a china rose platter for $1.

Another find at the church thrift for only 50 cents. Not vintage but so darn cute! That thrift was a gold mine.

I also found these vintage puppets:

(Soon to be in The Goodness Shop) and this gorgeous old apron:

Soon to be hanging from my apron rack :) It's wonderful and soft and was definitely an apron that got some use. I love the fabric and the ric-rack details.

At the "regular" thrift I lucked into some vintage fabric with the names of old airlines on it and this fantastic old photo album:

I'm really unsure of the age but it has that "grandma's attic" smell to it that might just be moth balls. It's in wonderful condition and I'm considering putting all of my old family pictures in there. I happen to own a little pack of Dennison photo corners, too. :)

So yes my friends, the Thrift IS out there. Now go on out there and find it. May the Force be with you.



Diane said...

What a crackup! I laughed so hard at the X-Files photo. You had a great pose. Fun. Also, great thrift finds - again. The puppets! The apron! I'm so happy for you!

Sarah and Jack said...

Airline fabric eh? Flickr a photo?

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I can't believe you dug up that xfiles photo! Too funny. I was just talking about that night the other day.

Jodi Ohl said...

Wow--the resemblence is amazing!! LOL What great costumes! Thanks for passing on the thrifting mojo. I have had absolutely zero lately!! All the good finds a dried up around here or perhaps I'm just not looking in the right places??

LA said...

Do you know I haven't been thrifting in months? Maybe I should head out with your mojo.

Which church thrift? I miss them so much. :(

Philly has that same b-boy hat. It looks so cute on him every year.

Cheers! LA

Michele said...

Hi Rebecca...what cute pics in the costumes!!! I love the gravy boat too...I'm kinda hooked on


Michele said...

Hi girlfriend...Stop by my blog and pick up something I have for you!


Citygirl.em said...

Bec! It looks like it's gonna be Hurricane Gustav next week! OMFG! Here is a link to a Times story about it. I wasn't even aware of it since my kid took my kitchen TV to college with him. I'm devoid of the news these days!,8599,1836745,00.html

Alex said...

Scully? It's Mulder, where are.

Alex said...
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