Monday, August 04, 2008


I am long overdue in saying thank you for some happy mail:

Photobucket is being difficult today and won't let me rotate the photo for some reason. Grrr.

Anyway, this is my Parasol swap package from Melissa! She made me a lovely key chain that says "Make," a lovely fabric flower brooch and a sweet vintage fabric needle book. She also tucked in some cute pink yarn (that I am pretty sure will become a stuffed bunny!), mix for raspberry mousse and some cocktail umbrellas. What isn't pictured are some mints (that I put on my desk at work) and a baggie of doggie biscuits that the boys tore into right away. Thanks, Melissa!

As I mentioned, I had TWO partners for the parasol swap. My other partner was Chrystal. She doesn't have a blog but maybe she'll be convinced to give it a try!

Chrystal lives in Canada and is working at a restored village for the summer. She treated me to some candy from the sweets store there including some yummy Glee Gum. She also included a pamphlet from the park where she is working, some fun cup cake picks to use like cocktail umbrellas (clever!) and a wooden bracelet to decorate. I think I'll decoupage it. :) For the handmade part she embroidered this sweet monogrammed pendant:

What lovely stitching! Thanks again, Chrystal!

And some surprise happy mail from Shara:

She sure knows how to make my day. :) Look at all this fun stuff! I always loved things with my name on it. And this should keep people from stealing my pencils at work. :) Thanks, Shara, you know I love it all!!

I feel so lucky to get such fun mail. :)



Michele said... got some very adorable treasures from your swap. Love the embroidered pendant!


Jodi Ohl said...

It's always nice to get some happy mail :)

Thanks for all the work you do with the swaps!

Vallen said...

Everyone loves you!!!! The new banner is great!!!

Lucy said...

I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning Glee Gum in your blog! I work for Verve Inc, the company that makes Glee and was wondering if you could email me your mailing address so we can send along some goodies as a token of our appreciation!
My email is:


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