Thursday, August 28, 2008

Before I Go . . .

We're off today for a week of vacation on the Maryland shore with friends. I am really looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing. :) The couple we are going with are a blast! I've known Dana for 30 years and our husbands get long great. Big fun!

But before I go, how about a few thrifty treasures?

I'm a sucker for old books. Especially those that have gorgeous cover art like these! The one on the right has a copyright date of 1917 and I am very curious to see what Marjorie Dean, High School Freshman, gets herself into. :) And I love that the one on the left is written by Mrs. Molesworth. I also picked up some other old books that were falling apart. I plan to put some vintage book pages up in the shop after vacation for you altered art types. :)

My friend Nina went with me to thrift this last time and she is lucky! See that super cute green egg dish with rooster salt and pepper shakers? I almost bid on that on Ebay last spring! How fun to find it and for HALF what the starting bid was to boot! The little ashtray is from Japan and too cute, I think. I love the pink and green ruffled dessert plate and that ring holder is a Lenox and I love it, too. Lucky Lucky!

Before we head to the beach we're spending a few nights with my parents so you know Mom and I will be off to thrift bright and early tomorrow.

So everyone have a lovely Labor Day weekend and I'll be back after 9/9.

Big hugs!


Michele said...

Rebecca...Have a great time..I'm jealous!!! That green egg dish is too cute!!

Take care..hugz,

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...

You have received an award from me. Please visit my blog to pick it up!

Vallen said...

Have a wonderful time at the shore.

Unknown said...

Wishing you a great vaca!


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