Friday, May 09, 2008


Okay, seriously, do I really NEED anymore STUFF? Oy. I love thrifting. I love the hunt, the find, you know what I mean but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all my "things" lately so the new rule of "you must take a bag of crap to donate if you're going to the thrift store" is now in effect. And since I had no donations when thrifting in Baltimore last weekend with Mom and Sis I took TWO bags to drop off last night.

Now onto the junk:

The rope of pearls (which is old and I am terribly in love with) and the Vera scarf are both from the Baltimore Thrift we always visit. $3 for the pearls and $1.45 for the scarf. The enamel flower pin, the bangle and the two other pins are from that Ryan's Relics place I was telling you about. $4 total for all 5 pieces. I think this flower pin is my favorite by far and that horseshoe pin it too cute.

At the "regular" thrift store we hit the Waverly jackpot:

The blue are two long valences, the center pattern are valences and panels and the pattern on the right are also two long valences. My Mom picked up two big French door panels in a red plaid that matched her curtains in the living room. All in all around $2 - $3 a curtain. Someone must have had all Waverly curtains and needed a change. I'll be putting the blue ones in my bedroom, the fruit motif in the dining room and kitchen and the others in the craft room perhaps. Also found a non-Waverly green pinstripe valance that I'll cut down to go in my bathroom window. Who doesn't love all new window treatments??

Also netted some fun red and white pillow cases. Most likely these will be used as fabric. The red polka dot is a pillow case and a sheet. Can't you see this mixed with aqua for a super cute quilt? I bet Heidi can imagine it! As soon as I get moving on that beach quilt I started eons ago I'll get right to it.

I also got this treasure thanks to Mandi:

She mentioned that she found some Friendship pattern Pyrex and was happy to give it to me when I told her about my refrigerator dishes. Thanks, Mand!

I'll spread out the other finds over the next week. I'm busy today getting things organized to reopen the Goodness Shop. We'll have loads of vintage trims, rick rack, seam binding and some fabrics for all your crafty goodness. Stay tuned!



The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What yummy fabric! And how wonderful that you're decluttering as well, that feels so good. Plus, I bet someone will find your donations at the thrift store and be thrilled!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

The next step is only buying the same amount or less than you donated :-) I found Early American Pyrex at the thrift yesterday and one I definitely have to go back for, hopefully it will be there. There was also a green divided casserole (no lid) that would match your refrigerator dishes.

Jodi Ohl said...

I'm glad you said you were opening your shop back up!! Good idea to sell off some of your great treasures!!

Jane said...

I wish I could follow you to the thrift and dig through your bags! LOL! Funny how one man's trash is another's treasure! I have to have the same rule too. I call it "Feeding the Thrift Gods." I tell my self that if I make an offering, the pick'ns will be better!

Breanna said...

I love that red polka dot fabric! And that enamel flower pin is gorgeous.

Julie said...

We're having a garage sale next weekend but I just could resist stopping at others yesterday. I even think I'm going back to one today to see if they still have a mini serger available.

Your blue Waverly flowers on the left are my bedroom curtains. I got a huge bolt of fabric when an interior decorator went out of business. We designed our newly-built master bedroom around it in fact.

Kymie said...

Those are some great finds!

sharie said...

I love the curtain fabric. I've got a thing about curtains and have a huge pile all with memories of the different houses I've lived in. I hate to give them away!
Great finds


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