Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doll Face

I don't remember loving dolls as a child. In fact, I think a lot of them have creepy little eyes. I did like Barbie but baby dolls really weren't my thing. However, I can remember fondly two dolls I loved. One was a doll my mother made that I named Miranda Cassandra (oy) and the other was a porcelain music box doll my Grandmother gave me that played "As Time Goes By." We lived in a flood zone, my parents still do, and I think both of these dolls didn't survive the many hurricanes but I'll have to ask Mom to be sure.

Recently, I thrifted not one but THREE dolls that I really love. Odd, right?

The first is this little sequin doll. Does anyone know anything about these? I'm guessing they were made from a kit and I know my mother has two that she also thrifted but that's all I know.

These two dolls came from that Ryan's Relics place. The one on the left is cloth with a plastic face and has a stamp on her back leg that says Poland. The other one is also plastic and I love her blue hair. :) That one in the back on the right is not a doll, she's a tree topper! Her paper wings are ripped and her hat is coming off but she was a steal for a quarter at a yard sale.

So it seems I like some dolls now. :)


A few notes:

First, I would like to thank EVERYONE who leaves comments here for me. It totally makes my day when they pop up in my inbox! I try to answer everyone that has an email address attached to it and also like to visit the blogs of those who don't have an email for me to respond to. I'm behind in my blog reading but I will be visiting you soon!!

Second, I now officially have a job! Yeah! My new boss is MUCH more laid back than my previous boss of six years so I'm looking forward to being less stressed. I plan to work from home maybe once a week but will be going back to the office starting tomorrow. With much better hours I might add. Thanks to everyone who asked after my employment situation!

Third, I sent off THREE swaps and didn't take pictures of them. NICE. Hopefully the recipients will post them and I'll share them with you. I did receive my apron from Sarah's vintage apron swap and I plan to photo it today to share. You can see the one I sent Wendy here.

And lastly, The Goodness Shop will reopen by Friday! Woo hoo!



The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, the polish doll is wonderful--good thrifting!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, interesting dolls. Are those chenille arms on that first one? Glad your job situation is all sorted out and that you're happy with the result!

Jane said...

My work has a filter on flickr so I can't see your pictures! Looking forward to checking it out when I get home. I was the opposite. I loved dolls as a girl and now not so much. I do have tons of stuffed animals now though. Probably more than when I was a kid. Congrats about the job. Less stress means more time for crafting/thrifting!

Unknown said...

I love that first sequin doll! I've never seen one before. She looks like little Red Riding Hood, right? So cute! Something to keep my eyes open for.

Barbara said...

I have never seen a doll like the sequin doll. Love those chenille arms!

Shara said...

Okay, I must be the oldie here. I used to make those dolls when I was a littel girl in the 1940's. Ha. Just kiding. It was in the mid 1970's. You bought them in a kit at Ben Franklin's. There was a stryofoam base for the dress that you inserted pins into it that had colored beads and sequins on each pin. You shoved the chenille stem arms into the body and stuck the head on top. I made some from different countries, but hadn't thought of them in years.

I have that same Poland doll with diferent clothes - I saved it from my stepfather's father's house when he died. He had bought it int he 1940's during the war and brought it home for his daughters. No one wanted it when we were cleaning out the house, so I saved her.

Feather Gold said...

Again, congrats on not being in job limbo! I'll be seeing you more often again!

I'm with you on the doll thing. Most doll creeped me out and still do, except for the stuffed ones.

Thanks for the beautiful words left on my comment. We love you guys too!

I better be seeing you later!


Sarabeth said...

Hi Rebecca,
Delurking to say I remember making one of these dolls with my aunt in the late 1970s. Mine was more of a bride version (or at least I remember it was all in whites) and I don't remember the chenille arms--I think the top part was all plastic (head, torso, arms). It came with bits of fabric and trim that you glued on to make the top of the dress and some kind of headpiece, and a styrofoam skirt to cover with overlapping sequins. The thing I really remember is that my fingers hurt so much trying to push the pins in. It had regular flat-head pins not this rounded kind, which maybe are less painful! This photo really brought back the memory; thanks!
--sarabeth in Mass.

Vallen said...

The Polish doll and the sequin doll are both exquisite. Good for you. They look very special.
I'm glad the job thing has worked out although I must admit that I was hoping you would take the months-long break and travel a bit. I'm sure your mind is much more at ease now, though.

Wanda said...

I don't think I have ever commented here before, but I have your blog saved to favorites and read it regularly. Although my own thrifting has fallen by the wayside as my interests have shifted, I still like to admire other's finds. With yours, I always play the 'what would I have bought' out of all your finds. You really find great bargains! Out of the things on this page, I would have bought...the Polish doll, because I love certain kinds of vintage dolls ... the red rose pillow, as a possible wedding reception decorating detail for my son's wedding,... the collie planter, because I love figural planters and vases and DOGS... the Pyrex casserole...lemon salt and pepper shakers,... and Dansk enamalware.

And possibly the sequined doll as a doll scene companion to my mini-Blythe, the Vera scarf, the pillowcases, the Crazy Eights cards, carrots pin and the four leaf clover pins, hobnail candlesticks, and the cowboy and rocket fabrics.

Ha! I am now thrifting vicariously through you. ;)


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